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   domestic water purifier market concentration and focus

   in any industry, there will be some special phenomenon in the start-up phase, the domestic water purifier market is no exception.

   China water purifier market after ten years of operation and development, consumers increasingly high degree of concern, but also means more competitive. In fact, accompanied by fierce competition, the whole Chinese water has entered a mature stage of development. High-speed growth compared to previous years, in 2016 the development of the market is more stable, while the brand structure, channels and products accounting for the tendency, are happening more obvious changes.

   The first change is reflected in the brand market performance.

   From the second half of 2015, the entire water industry into a new round of reshuffle. A very obvious manifestation is that by 2015, the industrys top ten brands camp is very complex, some well-known or unknown brand into the forefront of all brands camp. In the field of electronic business, a number of "Amoy brand", a field activity due to sales surge, some of the little-known traditional brand, the market will rely on sales, marketing and other ways to increase online sales; brand through direct sales or network marketing to increase brand sales etc., will encourage its enterprises ranked the forefront of the water purifier market brand in particular some stage. This situation is very common early development of the water purifier market, which is made at the time the triumph of the water industry market environment market returns.

   and after entering the second half of 2015, gradually began to shock adjustment water purifier brand, market chaos gradually reduced, part of the brand is a good market, especially the rapid development of the performance of "Amoy brand", will sell brands, has Short-term or year become the product of the special stage, and gradually withdrew from the water purification market. From 2016, third-party research firms data visible or electric, water purification market brand competition is mainly between 8 to 10 well-known brands of water purification.

   Today, several top-ranking industry brand, whether domestic brands, foreign or joint venture brands, both showed obvious similarities. That extensive brand awareness, superior product quality, and has an overall depth marketing channels. Brand has three characteristics, in order to take advantage of market competition in the next round.

   lack of these three elements, relying solely on the brand of short-term speculation, is bound to be eliminated. And there is a continuing vitality of the brand, It should have a withstand market test of character.

   The second industry developments focus on the product.

   In recent years, domestic water purifier market has a relatively unique phenomenon is RO machine product sales increased very significantly.

   This centralized product growth phenomenon can be interpreted in two ways.

   On the one hand, indicating that the domestic situation is indeed urgent need to improve water quality. The higher level of industrialization, the public awareness of environmental water crisis enhanced, the higher the demand for safe and healthy drinking water. Heavy metals and other pollutants need to RO filtration machine.

   On the other hand it also reflects a lack of presence on the water purification product awareness. my country has a vast, complex water quality, water quality in the local environment vary widely. For example, in the conventional perception that people in the more economically developed areas, the water quality is not optimistic, but to Xiamen, for example, although the high level of economic development, its water TDS value after the test is only about 50, this value indicates that the demand for RO machine is not strong.

   The current water purifier market in terms of pushing from manufacturers or consumer reaction, RO machines have become the main push, which is the case at this stage of product development performance. Between the past 3 to 5 years, water purification products is flourishing stage, RO, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration and other products have to compete for market. Recently, due to the brand promotion, including in marketing to promote the cause of the current RO water purification products to machine-based presentation.

   And, as changes in water purifier brand camp, like Chinese water purification products in a special stage of development. By a certain category, for example, to push the main focus of the RO machine, water purifier wake consumer behavior through brand awareness, awakening wake water pollution, and then gradually spread, so that more public understanding of clean water will not stop in the concept stage, but really knew what products they need, what kind of solution, and can really choose the right products based on the actual quality of each region, this is a process, but it is also a necessity.

   can be expected, with domestic water purifier market continues to mature, market and consumer awareness of the product will become more and more rational.

   "From a marketing point of view, the product focus is an effective strategy, such as focusing RO, focusing large flux, but in the product planning, we cover microfiltration in water purification product line, Different sequences of UF, RO and other products to meet the different needs of individual families, to meet the practical application of complex water quality of the domestic market. "Yu Feng, general manager of Philips Water Purifier Division said.

   two-way water purification appliance products extending from whole to all channels

   stepped layout of the Chinese water market

   Yu Feng told reporters, in recent years, Philips Water purifier remarkable performance in the domestic market.

   in the past, Philips "wading" products are mainly concentrated in the field of spare parts, such as patented UV germicidal technology. typically, UV germicidal as an auxiliary component of water purification products, components and applications, at present, our country has more than 20 companies are wading Philips UV germicidal technology applications, including in the domestic water purifier brand high-end models also have this technology.


   in 2009, Philips water purifier to restart the Chinese market, water purification division was established in 2012, entered the water purification market fully opened the prelude., we proceed with the overall layout of the market, including products and channels two aspects. [ 123]

   product strategy consists of two levels, first, in a non-title installation products, quickly cut into the market chose to install non-class water purification products for the market entry point, in fact, is also a contact and channels of distribution.

   in 2012, the domestic e-commerce development in full swing, brands and products through the network channels, no time can pass without geographical restriction to consumers, cloth sales outlets, look for service in cooperation with the past to prepare for the traditional channels different channels cut by the electricity supplier can shorten the distance directly to the terminal, and a short time to increase the Philips brand and product exposure.

   "the more practical point of view, because it was still under construction nationwide service network in order to avoid the need to install water purification products barriers and landing services, our preferred type of non-installation of water purification products such as water bottles and other net-based play simple and convenient products, as the main product sold electricity supplier channels. "

   After settled in several major electricity supplier platform, based on the Philips brand in the domestic market of precipitation and visibility, and help the development of the east of the Internet, Philips Water Purifier performance in the market is very eye-catching, with the to promote, to achieve full coverage of the entire electricity supplier channels. At the same time, increasing brand and product awareness not only instills confidence for the next market layout, but also convey to fly to the industryPhilips is going to fully advance signal the Chinese water market.

   Second, do install products, and strengthen consumer bonding.

   after the electricity supplier channels to achieve full coverage, 2014 to the following formula represented by cabinet installation class project was officially launched and water purification products on sale in 2015. As a starting point, Philips Water Purifier around "to build the whole house home water purification solutions," the strategic decision to start the layout of the product. In the three-year period 2014 - 2016, the Philips Water Purifier products both in the transverse or longitudinal extending coverage, all tend to improve.

   in rich sound on the basis of the product line in 2016, Philips conducted a comprehensive expansion of the channel again, focused on offline channels to lay open the whole distribution channels.

   two-way water purification appliance products extending from whole to all channels

   look for opportunities

   in a wide range of channels

   the past two years, the Chinese water market channel development presentation a wide range of features. Such as home building materials, stores and other home appliances sales channels past the edge, as a one-stop product integration trends and consumer buying habits, now become a more accurate target consumers locked place. In fact, we can see the sales data from multi-party, cross-sector cooperation and construction of stores, including building materials, including, already showing a very clear upward trend.

   In addition, the original three or four markets appear blank moving away from the plight of low concern, the overall performance is very eye-catching. Brand marketing channels and customer service sink, has become a new trend. Philips Water Purifier channel development environment and the basic trend of the same, except that the Philips Water Purifier is the first entry point to select e-commerce channels.

   2012 Philips was relying on e-commerce channel is developing rapidly, comprehensively build their own marketing platform to complete the full coverage of the electricity supplier channels in just a few years time, at present, Philips and Jingdong Lynx flagship store operators are among the top three. The channel now showing a diversified development trend, and stick to the strategy of a channel is not desirable. Under the premise of maintaining a leading position in the electricity supplier channels, we have also been expanding other sources, such as gifts, TV shopping channels, at the same time did not give up the exploration of the line channels.

   extending from the water purification electrical bidirectional full product to all channels

   can beHe said the integration of existing channels and exploration of the line channels will become the future center of Philips water purifier work. Especially in the last two years, with the development of the market, building materials and home improvement channels showed faster development trend of the next line. In particular the water purifier kitchen water purification equipment, central water purifier, water softener, installation being a good choice in the hardware stage. The real estate industry, in 2016 sales to rise very significantly, whether new or second-hand housing, indicating that the home improvement industry will usher in a new round of growth, you need to pre-installed water filter is bound to usher in a new growth opportunities. Philips will adjust the product and marketing strategy, focusing on home improvement building materials channel.

   domestic water purifier market these years Ebb Tide, after several rounds of competition and eliminated a lot of brands out, there are some excellent brand stand out. Philips sophisticated water purification through deep channels and products, has been among the front-line camp.

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