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  [Tim] net water purifier water softener what role there? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 922 Published: 2019-5-22 11:16:42 water softeners is to soften water, removing apparatus is a water base, which use ion exchange principle, hardness (water base) the removal rate of 99% or more, no need to replace the filter. All the family can be fully softened water, the water meter in series in the main pipe, installed in the cabinet or the user-specified location. Why not soft water into the kitchen? The action of water softeners to see. 銆愭伂鍑€鍑€姘淬€戣蒋姘存満鏈夊摢浜涗綔鐢紵 1. What is the role of water softener? Water apparatus (boiler, radiators, heaters, solar, etc.) never scaling, clogging, longer life, and safety hazards to prevent equipment wear and tear, sanitary facilities generated by scale (glass bath room, a mirror, a bathtub, a toilet etc.) with soft water, no more difficult to clean white stains and rust, and Ms. common soft water bath have a good cosmetic effect. In life we 鈥嬧€媍an save a lot of energy and trouble. 2, the working principle and daily operating costs of a water softener control head inlet in that position, a water outlet. The inlet connected to the back of the meter, the total outlet, so that water will flow out of all softened water, all domestic water have been resolved. Water softener resin which is filled with cans, clear yellow small particles. This resin softener is by desorption US calcium ions in the water, when the resin reaches a certain saturation when calcium and magnesium ions will depend on brine replacement out, to restore the adsorption function of the resin (this is called regeneration), when regeneration non-iodized salt is required, usually not when the normal operation of waste water, salt month money takes approximately 10 dollars, power consumption up to 3 month of automatic water softeners. 3, water softener according to category can be divided into the overall appearance and split. The controller can be divided into semi-automatic type. Automatic time is divided into type and flow type. Automatic water softener is entirely controlled by the head control computer, fully automatic operation, no hand operation. 4, the main function of demineralized water softener, the water removal of the water base, can not be directly consumed, belonging to domestic water, such as bathing, beauty. Water softener can not get rid of impurities, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals in water, its role is to drive off water base. 5, the water softener Advantages and disadvantages: eliminate scale, good water base effect, while large flow, substantially without reducing the water pressure. throughWater is too soft water treatment equipment produced exceptionally strong cleaning ability, strong laundry, shower, skin care effect; can also reduce energy consumption. But also saves detergent drop, low intensity housework. Disadvantages: water softener water treatment equipment can not get rid of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, can not be directly consumed; salt consumption needed during reproduction; and generate a certain amount of waste water. Demineralized water softener can play a role, but can not be directly consumed, or the need to install the end purifier. Depending on user needs, "creating" a different water, all to meet the needs of home users.

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