Water purification industry will soon add two new GB

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  Water purification industry will soon add two new national standard publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-12-06 industry will perform two new national standard - "treatment of drinking water in the core household and similar purposes" and " household and similar drinking water treatment device ", the standard was jointly issued by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the standardization Administration of China. For water purification industry, two new national standard has become the most business, "starting line", the production standard part of professional water purifier manufacturer performed far more stringent national standard. water purifier market rapid growth, according to third-party research agency data show that Chinas water treatment products manufacturer has reached 3000, water purification equipment market has reached 4.28 million units in the next seven years will maintain a compound annual growth of 45% rate. While sales growth, the water purifier market has a huge potential for development. For comparison, European countries purifier penetration rate of 90%, developed countries in Asia purifier penetration rate of 70 percent, my countrys water industry product penetration is less than 2%. At the discretion of the industry, water purifier in China will be a one hundred billion market this year, the water crisis has deepened over the frequent demand for "safe drinking water", the water purifier market intends to Denver appliance giants have "test the water" Tim market a "firewood." Well-known enterprises, "diving" Nuggets water purifier market is explosive growth has attracted a growing number of companies involved. Since 1991, water purifier manufacturers now less than 300 to more than 3,000. More obvious market performance is that after 2011 years ago, the well-known home appliance business and get direct selling license brands Huijun water purifier market, the former has a strong brand appeal and a sound market channels, the latter directly facing huge Consumer groups. In 2013, solar energy companies, buttressed by strong financial strength also added to the development of water purification industries. Market melee explosive but the brands get together is so that consumers have more confusion, a business unit engaged in the work of middle management staff frankly do not understand water purifier. "Big capital came in large throat, will start selling billions, nearly $ 100 billion in sales target bit-oriented pressure, the market will be up until after another, bigger impact." Related to a foreign manufacturer of Shenzhen head of analysis, as a fully market-oriented industry, water purifier brand effect has not formed yet, the brand giants, huge amounts of money haveWhile injecting water purifier market is expected to bring a wave of scrimmage.

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