Water purifier multi-channel marketing iniaveany ways to get

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   todays market, more competitive, the water purification industry did not choose retreat, under the background of deteriorating market conditions, a growing number of water purification agents began to select the active marketing, trying through active marketing way to change the pattern of being beaten, then, what is the active marketing, marketing initiatives and how to realize the value of it?

   active marketing by definition is to regain the initiative, to take proactive measures to achieve the sales process, water purification agents in the more common active marketing: brand alliances, community promotion, telemarketing, will buy , will bargain, plant collection, etc.. As the most important feature is the active marketing, in a positive way to take the initiative to find and develop customers, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the transaction.

   distribution development

   active marketing: customers do not come, we went to

   as active marketing, there is a significant feature, that is when the customer does not come to our stores and a terminal, then we must take the initiative, where customers may arise in appearance, appear in the customer when there is demand, there when the customer purchased.

   water purification industry in a better market environment, we can take shopkeeper way, waiting for the arrival of the customer, and when the market environment changes, consumer demand is not so obvious, subject to consumer large environmental impact, but there is no intention to take the initiative to purchase when consumers choose to buy products or many channels, there are a growing number of competitors to take the time to intercept a means of achieving a sale, then we must implement active marketing.

   For different active marketing model, there is a more significant features, that is from the traditional shopkeeper becomes salesmen. This is also in line with the law of commercial development, when the shopkeeper become a common business forms when salesmen will quietly rise, our comprehensive analysis of the current mode of active marketing, marketing feature classification, as we carry out active marketing basis.

   active marketing: the details of victory, the execution of the first

   There are a lot of companies are trying to use for marketing initiatives, but we found that some agencies take proactive marketing approach is very successful, and some proactive marketing agents but less effective, which in the end where the gaps in it?

   Promotion cell

   InThe process of implementing proactive marketing, we should carry out their duties, give full play to the role of the team, in order to maximize the marketing value of the combined team, there was a brand in carrying out promotional activities, the Union requires that each brand must select the best telephone sales staff as sales professionals telemarketing, and require members of each brand alliance must come up with the most valuable potential customers, sold by telemarketing team found that some brands in order to take into account store sales, no choice the telemarketing sales staff assigned to the group, and for a list of potential customers each brand sent because each brand has its own calculations and found that is not the most effective list of potential customers, the final results of its alliance may want to sell with knowledge, as well as agents in the implementation of active marketing, since the performance appraisal system is not the system, resulting in dry much not take much more, at the same time, effective customer lists to promote community activities, due to the store did not get strong support for the sales staff, resulting in the failure of final sales, such cases abound.

   stores drainage

   actively marketing is a way of selling water purifiers agents now are more used, we must study and use of the system, in order to get the best sales results, for active marketing, not blindly exaggerate its role, a lot of proactive marketing approach, there must be some cooperation and brand stores, so as to achieve effective results, otherwise, even if more effective program implementation and enforcement can not be obtained, only empty a joy.

   super settled

   good at using tools to do more with less

   actively marketing requires good use of marketing tools, the use of new mobile technology, the shop, the product, with the program to migrate to mobile end, at the customer site will be able to display products, with the effect, enhance the customer shopping experience feelings, to extend the residence time of the customer in your body, allowing customers to participate in active participation, improve the users sense of participation, so to improve the turnover rate.

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