Under the new approach tohe marketing of water purification

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   health-conscious consumers increasingly awakening, and sporadic incidents of water pollution, water purification equipment will make a big black horse has become in recent years in the appliance industry. According to the PRC, the data show that Chinas water purification products market growth over the past three years were 64%, 75% and 69%. 2015 China water treatment equipment market has reached 27.3 billion yuan, an increase of 23%. Among them, total retail sales of water purification equipment 22.8 billion yuan, an increase of 41.4%; total retail sales of drinking water equipment 4.6 billion yuan, an increase of 25.5%.


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   extensive marketing gradually outdated

   but this year the water purifier market rapid growth is slowing. 1--4 months, the water purifier market size of 342 million units, total sales of 8.6 billion yuan, retail sales volume increased by 19.2%, retail sales grew 27.8%. 2016 full-year sales of 11.92 million units, sales of 29.3 billion yuan, the growth rate will slow to 30%. Factors

   There are many causes of this phenomenon, on the one hand the overall macro-economic downturn, how much will spread to the water industry, water purification products after penetration in the country is still very low, only about 5%. For the consumer does not belong just to be of home appliances. Sun Rain water purification, head tube with Kun said: "The water purifier market from the beginning of 2013, industry prosperity, more of a fast-growing channel level, the proportion sold to end consumers really not great." [ 123]

   on the other hand, and any other appliance category in a high growth, like water industry there are many problems in their own rapid development. Low barriers to entry resulting in uneven quality water purification products, functional homogeneity serious; no-name brand clusters, many of the "cottage water purifier" and fake and shoddy products; all kinds on the market the concept of flying false or exaggerate product features; the service many companies there is no perfect service system.

   especially in 34 markets and rural areas, villages and towns, these industries are particularly serious chaos, which also hampers rapid and sound development of the water industry to some extent.

   "The past two years, water companies will prefer to use sales model to promote clean water, this model can penetrate into a lot of three or four markets in. Admittedly, this straightforward the model can indeed play as the popularity of clean waterWith, but that is a part of corporate irresponsibility, they tend to use three or four markets consumer brand concept is relatively weak, the relatively poor judgment and other weaknesses, the cheap, low quality, near the famous, but customs and other services products sold to consumers, which led to the part of consumers do not trust the water purification products, will promote the brand companies bring a lot of resistance. "Veteran engaged in the water industry for many years of their analysis.

  " In the current mainstream of reverse osmosis water purification products, for example, the sun rain product prices in 3000 dollars, but prices are often as long as those no-name more than a thousand, in terms of price, there is no real competitive advantage at all brands. "Kun is not the same pipe, said no complaints


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   to promote: more efficient to the more pragmatic

   Now, with the growth rate of the narrow, water industry reshuffle will accelerate come, therefore, can be said to be time-tested before marketing model will also not be so hot, water purifier brands are bound to be more pragmatic in in the promotion and sales, as much as possible to go closer to the consumer who, making water purifier market into the healthy development track.

   in this regard, the United States can be said to have been sparing no effort. As early as 2014, it launched the US water purification water purification products, "30-day free trial "promotional activities, has been widely welcomed by the majority of users. Today, the United States will continue to continue this activity, and is different from before, the United States and also cooperation One Foundation, from the beginning of June to carry out water purification products quality Miles "campaign, the implementation of the policy three years free repair kits. it is understood that has ended in Zhumadian of Henan an event, attracted more than 260 consumer, the same day to achieve 30 million in sales. United States Director of product net drink hot Division Shen Zhou Yi introduced the US water purification activity is very important to a campaign, will be launched in the country.

   another brand Patio departure from the next generation of care, in June launched the "water pure goodness 鈥?Childrens Day" charity promotion, set off a storm of consumer buying with surly let, high-quality products lead the industry in order to improve quality. hoping to reawaken an awareness of healthy drinking water, fostering customer habits.

   and had accumulated a large number of solar water heaters in user resources sun rain, it is targeted, not only those who have used the initiative to visitSun Rain water purification users, also organizes regular old users will thank, well maintained contact with consumers. In branding, the rain the sun moves constantly, following the hand in Oriental TV, Sina Weibo, Youku potatoes, as well as brand spokesperson Lin Chi-ling, but also with the Anhui TV reached a strategic cooperation, in which large-survival program "law of the jungle", the TV series for the title or embedded theater programs.

   direction: commercial water purification or called fertile ground for the growth of new

   It is worth mentioning, and the participation of many companies, compared to an increasingly competitive market of household water purifiers, water purification business a lot We have also set their sights on the commercial field. In some companies view, the market development in the field of commercial water purification greater potential because it covers almost all public places, including office buildings, canteens restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports, etc. According to the report predicts that by 2020, China commercial water purification market size of up to 128 billion yuan.

   According to the analysis, along with the decline accelerating growth and shuffle home water purifier market, commercial engineering will be the focus of development effort brands. He said: "In the commercial market, especially in schools, hospitals and other livelihood projects, water has a very large space for development, but whether it is to take direct purchase, or lease, the test is in the product, capital, services and other aspects of comprehensive strength, so in this area, not every company has the ability to get involved and do a good job. "

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