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  What good water standards? Merchants water purifier manufacturers to see how the authority said

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scientific method of drinking water. So in the end what kind of water is best to drink? We may also in doubt, but it is certain that we all want to drink safe and healthy water. Old saying: "medicine as tonic, Sibu as water fill, water is the king of hundred drugs." So, choose healthy drinking water is essential.



regardless of how rich diet, the body always need to consume a certain percentage of minerals from the water, long-term consumption of drinking water to filter out nutrients, it will cause greater health hazards , resulting in a direct impact on mineral homeostasis or other body functions.


World Health Organization (WH0) according to six criteria for a large number of the worlds longevity areas in the survey results were analyzed, and the water is good:

   1, clean water, does not contain any harmful to human health physics , chemical and biological contamination; 2, nutrition water, containing an appropriate amount of beneficial to human health, and minerals form ionic state; 3, water containing sufficient dissolved oxygen (5mg / L or so); 4, should weakly alkaline (PH value of 7 to 8); 5, the small molecules of water, dissolved and infiltration; 6, water was negative potential can clear radical;

you drink per day water up to par yet? If you are still drinking and worry every day, small advice to install a home spa drink straight, not only remove sediment, scale, rust, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics and other harmful substances, but also reservations some minerals and trace elements, mineral water is formed secure and fully comply with the above-described six standards, safety, drink.

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