Water purifiers price vary widely, the watufihow to choosit-

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   With the increasingly serious water pollution, more and more families began to focus on the health problems of drinking water, household water purifiers use more and more consumers, the industry increasingly hot, after years of development now whether the line water purifier joining stores, supermarkets or online stores, you can find traces of water purifier. But in the market, particularly the multi-brand water purifiers, water purification products in the sale price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars range, the price is vastly different, in the end we believe that the "no good cheap goods" or " cheap "mean? price difference is so great that we in the end how to choose a water purifier it? fresh water purifiers top ten brands of water purifiers just add everyone to talk about when to buy water purifier pay attention to what time.



   Shenzhen water purifier prices vary widely, how to choose a water purifier it

   First, if there is authoritative certification:? It China Household Electrical Appliances Association statistics show that domestic water purification product manufacturers have more than 5000, but there are only more than 900 production license of the manufacturers, well-known brand water purifier is only a handful. Some brands listed on the market of production, not have their own production base, began in the online hype that they are the top ten brands. To this, add fresh water purifier experts recommend that consumers should try to buy well-known brands of water purification products, such products have been the identification of national health technical supervision departments, in line with national water purifier water quality standards, quality and more reliable. Add fresh water purifier Each product passed the qualification examination of national and relevant documents.

   Second, carefully review the quality of the parts: water purifier to the leakage problem often occurs, the most part because of problems caused by parts, and different consumer home other uneven pressure, so that, when the engagement component part of a water purifier or a pressure less than the ability to withstand water purifiers, water leakage is generated. Consumers should make sure that the water purifier before purchasing parts through a strength test, salt spray corrosion testing and fatigue load tests, so as to ensure that the problem does not occur due to inferior parts occur after the use.

   Third, not believe the various "functional water": If the netWater Product labels and instructions express or implied content with disease control effect, marked false, exaggerated, so that consumers misunderstand or deceptive text, graphics, marked "acidic water", "alkaline water", "water activated" "small molecules of water," "functional water", "energy water", "oxygen-rich water" and other cases are violations "related to drinking water hygiene and safety product label instructions Practice" is. Consumers must not be gullible merchants false propaganda, to avoid being taken, or even delay treatment.

   Fourth, after-sales service: water purifier itself is semi-finished products, which is the industry consensus, especially in product is particularly important during the installation, with the industry saying goes, "Three products, seven installation "shows how important professional installation for water purification experience the family is; and the subsequent maintenance of the family continued to use water purification products assured of effective protection.

   plus fresh water purifier Tips: household water purifier to buy sounds simple, but which contains a variety of knowledge, in order to protect our drinking water safety, have to childhood start with the details, do not let any loopholes.

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