Urgent need to regulate the water purifier market

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   Currently, residents pay more attention to health problems of drinking water, peoples attention and dependence on water purification equipment are increasing, water purifier market ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. However, the water purification industry standards and more technical variety, fast pace of development, resulting in the industrys objective shoddy, or impurities is widespread, product quality varies greatly, thus affecting the healthy development of the industry.


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   At present, more than the citys operating water purification equipment business has 10, are distributed in large home stores, and some street Deshang, filter materials sold products , works as well as the sale price there is a big difference. In addition to the common filter material PP cotton, activated carbon, the RO membranes, as well as the ceramic filter, and other fibers; Products include front type water filters, water softener, a kitchen household water purifiers, water purifiers and other central; low prices the less than a thousand dollars, more than million is high, very different.

   Faced with such a wide range of different styles of products, consumers really hard in order to distinguish which one is better, can not even be found in some countries have mandatory standards. Currently, the standard water purifier products on international standards, the industry standard for more than two standard level. But the vast majority of these standards is a recommended standard for manufacturers, only play a regulatory role in reference, no mandatory effect; for consumers to buy only as a general reference products, and can not this determines whether the product is qualified. Water purifier industry production and sales of health needs to obtain approval document the health sector, but product performance, quality grade but not a mandatory, universal standards to measure national constraints, which is an urgent need to improve the problem.

   In the current water purifier market situation yet to be standardized, consumers should consider whether the purchase of water purification equipment, water purifiers through the National Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection, whether the content of health permits this document ; Caution check the brand purchased products, specifications, models are consistent with health permits, ask filtration technology products, considering its long-lasting durability. It should also pay attention to selecting a sound service system for production operators, in order to avoid delays water purifier for the core.

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