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current home water purifier brands on the market a wide range of home water purifier price and quality is not the same, this is a worry for the water purifier is not very understanding of consumers, how to choose the home net water also become the biggest problem, Xiao Bian tell you, as long as we understand the relevant knowledge of water purifier, you can buy right and proper water purifier own use, and today Xiaobian to tell you about the ultrafiltration water purifier the main core components of it.

   UF water purifier main core components:

   UF membrane, is what we call an ultrafiltration membrane. Purification currently on the market are made of all ultrafiltration PP, PVC, PAN, PS, PES, PVDF, these materials are hollow fiber membranes material, different filtration accuracy.

   Depending on the severity of water pollution in China at present, water quality experts, are currently a lot of water purifier manufacturers are used more PP, PVC, PAN and other materials, the toughness of these materials than difference, the film easily broken wire, corrosion resistance and filtering accuracy is not stable. From the overall perspective, PVDF material with the most insurance, of course, also the PVDF material prices than the prices of other fibrous material to be several times higher.

   PVDF highest food grade material, high tenacity, anti-fungal, high wear resistance, high permeability to gases and liquids, good thermal stability, high purity, high corrosion resistance, and rigid and flexible form, while the PVDF has very strong resistance to ozone and sodium hypochlorite in water filtration. UF filter the water film mainly bacteria, viruses, liquid pesticide residues, algae, rust, colloid, suspension, sediment, organic molecules and other harmful substances. Filtration precision of up to 0.001 microns, is approached most precise ultrafiltration membrane water purification core material.

   Summary: Consumers of ultrafiltration water purifiers, filters need to be carefully detailed understanding of the principle structure of the product product components, materials, etc. used.

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