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   water purifier from the early 20th century into China, count there are more than twenty years, and water purifiers to join in recent years is a very popular item, many water purification agents wonder what brand of water purifier good? good water purifier brands need to find the eye, seize the opportunity to look and hold, difficulties in the development process, the firm does not need to pull out, after all, any development is not easy, so-called adversity, only this will be the brand water purifier agents as their core distributors, brands and agencies grow together.


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   instant it quickly past August, the National Day approaching, a lot of water purifier manufacturers are ready to play a different slogan Merchants want to attract investment in water purification agents who came to visit, so the water purification agents investigated should pay attention to these types of problems.

   1. To see whether the factory-tested production capacity and quality assurance

   all want water purification agents will know if the product is not its own production, if there are problems, the risks do not say, after-sales processing is a big problem, according to previous years, the presence of water electricity environment survey nearly 70% of the water purifier substandard conditions, water purifier Unlike other products, it is related to people drinking water health, so choose water purifier brands, quality-assured use of safe and secure is the most important, water purifier enterprises should have a strict system to control product quality, each water purifiers have been rigorous production processes.


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   2. Not born of greed, the pursuit of low-priced products

   When it comes to this, water purification agents franchisees do not be cheap by confusion, one point for a half price which no one understands, in consultation with the manufacturers profit margins must be reasonable, Lawrence water purifiers operating in good faith to help more agents, so strict regional protection policies, to the agents enough profit development of.

   3. Watch manufacturers support and benefits are in place

   in water purification agent factory in the end of course, need to understand what are the advantages, there is no long-term planning, we can help to support the agencys efforts to reach what not enough, there is not really for water purification agents franchisee to consider, these are the must watch places, after-sales service system is perfect, after all, different from the traditional home appliances water purifiers, companies do not have their own after-sales service is not enough, if the net water heater agents to sell the final product saleIt has become a problem, not only cause consumer complaints associated their brand reputation will be affected, but finally the agents themselves water purifiers, water purification agents not to confuse rhetoric in the study manufacturers.

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