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   a system, the Beijing basin area of 鈥嬧€?0 square kilometers of the 425 rivers, 88 reservoirs and 41 lakes, each with a one "parent."

   June 2016, the municipal government issued the "Beijing implementation lake ecological environment management" long river system "work program", pushing long river system in the city. Less than a year, the system upgrade, from the cities and districts, the towns, streets, and then to the village, more than 5900 "number one" to "long river," the new title, took office.

   a large party in the nineteenth report made it clear in his discussion of a new era of development and adhere to the basic strategy of socialism with Chinese characteristics, "as you would treat life as ecological environment, the implementation of the most stringent environmental protection system, and firmly take the development of production, affluent life and sound eco-road of civilized development, build a beautiful China. "

   long river system can really promote the" River Yangtze River "," water often clear, "continue to meet the growing demand for beautiful people need ecological environment? This year, the city CPPCC launched a thorough investigation and consultation surrounding water environment management representative government.

   "pull" from the normalization of the river team

   "the river was found floating piece of processed", "river too many plants, please coordinate water sector salvage" ...... I saw a name called "long river system, river patrol," the micro-channel group chat information, Fengtai District Office Director Liang Xiaofang Xiluoyuan street not neglect, quickly pick up the phone to see.

   r micro channel group mentioned Liangshui. It originated back Shougang, Shijingshan District, drains, flows through Haidian, Xicheng, Fengtai, Chaoyang, Daxing, Tongzhou six districts, a total length of 68.41 kilometers, is a major urban flood drainage channels. In Fengtai District Xi Luoyuan street area, involving Liangshuihe and a tributary of Ma Tso River, dry river channel 4.5 kilometers. Liang Xiaofang It is 4.5 km long river street-level river.

   After the long river system implementation, the micro-channel group established up. The group is not only street leading water sector staff department head, secretary of the community such as street power, also Liangshuihe Management Office incorporated. Xiluoyuan River Street involving 12 communities regard the river patrol daily photos and results reporting, "long river" through the micro-channel group to keep abreast of the dynamic river, the river the first time to deal with coordination issues.

   Added to these "burden", Liangxiao Fang admits"When Liangshui although close, but I did not put so much river patrol force before the street, at most, is to find more serious problem with the water sector, the phone will say, it does not solve the problem in a timely manner." [123 ]

   the long river system, so that possessions had to pay attention to it.

   long river system in accordance with the work program, by the end of this year, city, district, township (neighborhood) and village four long river system will be fully established. A few months time, from "no responsibility tube River" to take the initiative to pull up a river patrol the "mighty force." In the city CPPCC members, City Water Resources Planning Design Research Zhang Tong, vice president of view, this is showing the vitality long river system of the system. Liangshui to the river, for example, that the municipal river long, long river district-level leadership and municipal leaders as Fengtai District, Liang Xiaofang street level down is such a long river, and then down a long river community level. River levels long bear the "first responsibility" under the jurisdiction of the river, bear three check (thorough investigation of the direct discharge of sewage, garbage huddle Dumping thorough investigation, thorough investigation of illegal river-related construction), three clear (clear river, Qinghe face, Qinghe bottom), the three treatment (strengthen water pollution, water environment and aquatic ecosystems management), the responsibility of three (stringent water, river and lake shoreline, law enforcement supervision and management).

   To this end, Xiluoyuan street establish a "territorial management, segmentation lump sum" a complete organizational system. First, set up street-level long river system of special leading group responsible for letting the department and the community as a principal in charge of river length liability section, to deploy community workers, establishment of community river inspection teams, organized twice daily river inspections.

   In this process, Xiluoyuan street also explore the "fifth grade long river." Liang Xiaofang said, "We mobilize retired veteran Party members early in the evening to help us patrol the river when the river Liu Waner, organizing volunteers to undertake river patrol mission to mobilize the masses to the streets of the problem, the true form everyone cohabitation situation."

   members said Zhang Tong, long river system through a series of system design, the first to solve the problem of who control the river, "which greatly expand the power of the river management and protection, to truly create a main government responsibility, social co complete organizational system of governance, professional management and protection combination. "

   Beijing so many rivers, lakes, reservoirs, water alone professional departments, can not form a normal, comprehensive real-time management. Long river system by compacting layers of responsibility, to build a normal management and protection of river management team in the end. By Liang Xiaofangs words, grassroots river patrol officers to a large extentAlso on the "eyes", "For the river side, we soon discovered these community workers abnormal, and react to, problem-solving speed will be greatly enhanced."

   long river shore of the river [ 123]

   shore chic green plants, river water crystal clear, clean and tidy hydrophilic trails, everywhere liuwan rest of the public ...... Liangshuihe Yangqiao segment, a clear water, green shore, pleasant waterfront park particularly stands out.

   45 years ago, in the south of Beijing Liangshuihe or a "dirty smelly" name. Lift Here, people use most is "sewage arbitrary row", "stink to high heaven," "can not open the window" such words.

   in March 2014, the city started Liangshuihe control projects, improve sewage collection and treatment facilities, basic pay off its urban section of the river. But illegal construction on the shore of the river green space occupied, littering and other factors that threaten the water environment still exists.

   appearance in the river, root shore. Rivers of problems often need to shore to find the cause. This is precisely the weak link of the river where the traditional management system, so that there is "no green river, water does not come ashore," that argument.

   After make up the infrastructure construction debts, Liangshui management faced with such a problem.

   In order to ensure flood safety, water sector to transform the Liangshuihe tributaries dry river channel in 2013. When construction near the corner gate, because of the demolition of the south bank of four residents, they could not carry out the river widened. Water sector, although a lot of work, but the problem this shore is somewhat powerless.

   have continued into this year. After long river system implementation, Xiluoyuan street to this protracted problem within the territories included in the focus during the year. River with long streets, community workers, coordination of relevant departments, which turns into four at home to do the work, finally completed the demolition before the flood season this year.

   Progress banks of unauthorized building demolition also be accelerated after long river system embodiment.

   Ma Tso river market expansion of business space, illegal occupation of the river more than 100 meters long green metal to build 16 houses, garbage waste accumulation, the threat of river water quality and safety. After the implementation of long river system, the first time this problem was discovered and dismantled quickly organized.

   "For the most part affect the water quality of major rivers is nowIllegally built on shore. "Zhang Tong believes that sewage treatment two three-year action plan to implement the city, basically solved the problem of insufficient sewage treatment capacity. Currently the sewage into the river mainly from rainwater and sewage, rainwater and sewage pipelines come from the illegal construction . "according to past rivers and lakes management system, a water sector can not solve the problem fundamentally. "

  " The problem of the river to shore resolve, river length can effectively co-ordinate the integration of governance shore power. "As long river level Tongzhou District Liya Lan, deputy head of the committee small and medium Bahe River area very touching," this system to maximize the integration of executive power at all levels of government and relevant departments to make up for the earlier owned by industrial pollution environmental protection department, river cleaning and sewage owned water sector, owned by the municipal waste disposal sector Kowloon flood control situation. "

   is located in the south bank of grass horse Yangqiao village cottage area, was open sewers, garbage accumulation, road potholes and other environmental issues prominent place. These problems seriously affect the river water quality. Earlier this year, Xi Luoyuan street coordinated District municipal Committee and other departments, the introduction of environmental construction projects, laying sewer lines, paved roads, paint the walls and along the river to install car stop pile, river fence erection, installation of monitoring equipment and to hire a professional cleaning service such that the region as a whole environment a new look.

   Zhang Tong said, long river system is actually the head of the party and government responsibility, with the long river of territoriality "in charge" of the co-ordinate scheduling, the relevant departments, such as water services, environmental protection, urban management , garden, municipal and transport, easier to pull together, to appear in the water environment and easier to the portfolio.

   damage to the ecological environment of lifelong accountability

   some time ago long river Liang Xiaofang just participated in the meeting Liangshuihe river river management district long river Zhangju Ming chaired the meeting, Zhang Juming all long for Liangshuihe river river Fengtai District, informed of the issues named a river discovered, and let others lead river that ring.

   Liangxiao Fang frankly, river length of this post to make their "pressure Alexander." "reach out of fear of their own environmental problems have come up with 120 points of energy. "

   As Cuitie Ning committee director ecological civilization research center of Beijing University Business School said, long river system to build up the" four long river "system, not only formed a tight network management, but also layers of compacted responsibility, at every level evaluation system.

   upgraded version of the long river system work program announced in July this year, a clear river training "party and government with responsibility", the township (street) level and above the river is responsible for organizational assessment of the long river of rivers and lakes under the appropriate level, examination results as an important basis for comprehensive evaluation of leading cadres, the implementation of ecological damage liability lifelong accountability.

   Municipal Water Authority has revealed that the responsible person thinking Beijing long river system of supervision and evaluation. According to reports, the assessment to be undertaken long river percentage system, which long river system organization system and working mechanism that accounts for 20 points, the main task of the completion of 70 minutes, daily environmental inspection accounted for 10 points. Major fatal accidents all the water environment, causing significant social impact, in various districts on the basis of the original score, according to the degree of impact of each buckle 1-10 minutes as appropriate.

   "is because they do not act, chaos as slow as a result of water pollution damage? Are water pollution incident response inadequate disposal? Question whether misappropriation of special funds encroach water environmental protection, construction of existence?" In City Water Authority discipline inspection group to develop a "work of supervision and inspection opinions on promoting long river system", a clear focus on the implementation of the accountability of the case, according to the discipline inspection and supervision functions to strengthen the implementation of the "Beijing to further promote the long river system comprehensive work program "supervision and inspection.

   "long river system can be carried out, the key to the assessment of whether strict." Cui Tiening members said the most important thing is to establish a sound evaluation mechanism as soon as possible, detailed assessment program and supervise their implementation. In order to ensure the objectivity of the scientific assessment of the results, in addition to the administrative top-down assessment, but also the use of third-party social forces, to assess the treatment effect of supervision river.

   director of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Wen Yanfeng members suggested that the continuous optimization of examination and evaluation system, outside the water environment assessment indicators effectiveness of governance, organization building, but also to join the masses and the masses participation satisfaction index, and their integration into the river long final examination results, supervise territorial widely mobilize the masses river patrol force of the river.

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