Water purifiers Raids top ten network marketing succesguide

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   the Internet age, the network has penetrated into our daily lives. Most consumers want to buy a certain kind of product, often to the Internet to understand the relevant information and brand reputation, while focusing on network marketing brand naturally the first to occupy the minds of consumers, thereby increasing the volume. Network marketing power should not be overlooked, of course, water purifier business can not just watch the fun, but should be involved, actively guide the consumer spending.


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   First, the brand positioning and promotion: the establishment of corporate brand positioning and focus on segments of the industry, with high, medium and low end brands such as positioning, market segmentation, targeted web promotion.

   Second, product positioning and promotion: knowledge of product marketing, event marketing, event marketing, promotional activities, such as the main means of using online media, online forums, e-mail promotion. Third, the brands official website and brand story: namely corporate branding story, and through professional planning, delivery, and other select distribution channels spread publicity. This benefit consumers understand the brand, increase brand awareness. Fourth, the soft paper News: News soft paper has spread fast, affecting a wide range of features, is a great way to spread a wide range of enterprises, enhance brand awareness. Five, SEO optimization: on pages related to a particular keyword optimized by determining search results ranking technology to improve search engine ranking brand, thereby increasing site traffic, and ultimately enhance the brand publicity. Sixth, exchange links: links to corporate sites in the well-known website, or with companies related to the brand website, to perform more targeted drainage. Seven video promotion: water purifier companies can potatoes, Youku, love Fantastic Art and other video sites, video publishing products, product installation videos, corporate image advertising and other video images combined with publicity mode of transmission, will give consumers more deeply impression. Eight, integrated marketing: "by far the most popular is the micro-channel, microblogging marketing, water purification companies can set up a business official micro-blog on large-scale integrated portal, publish tweets to promote their products and services." nine, PPC: For example: Baidu PPC, PPC 360, Sogou PPC. Auction results appear in search results front position, likely to cause the users attention and clicks, the effect is more significant.Ten, network planning activities: By planning activities related to the water purifier, to attract consumers attention and participation. Increase the degree of interaction with the consumer, so that consumers increase the goodwill of the enterprise, to become brand loyal fans.

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