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  Open to water purifier is Shanghai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. brand, founded in 2001, Habitat domestic water treatment industrys first listed company, is the founder of Shanghai-known entrepreneurs, Mr. Qu Jianguo. Open to water purifier brand is now facing a blank area water purifier investment, water purification agents, water purifiers to join, water purifier dealers invited to win wealth tomorrow! QQ鎴浘20141211132247

to create a healthy environment, clean water open to join the water purifier started

   Shanghai environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in home water environment improvement technology research and development of high-tech enterprises and their products. Open to environmental protection in order to solve peoples living and drinking water pollution problems, since its inception, according to Chinese families drinking water pollution problems, professional development and manufacture of a whole house water purification machines, soft water, kitchen water purifier, school drinking water systems, commercial drinking water system and a series of ancillary products, providing a safe, healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection, water and comfortable environment for home life.

   open to environmental protection by the original family whole house water purifier and the core components of multiple control valve, in cooperation with National Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, AQSIQ national key new products. Open to environmental protection of residential and commercial water purification projects and drinking water systems integration projects, are classified as national key projects, and won the support of the central government.

   Mr. Qu Jianguo, chairman believes open to environmental protection, in air pollution, food contamination, pollution is worsening water pollution in these three cases, because air pollution is difficult to remove, it is difficult to identify food contamination, CD there is water pollution by increasing household water purification equipment at the entrance of water to be removed. Various forms of pollution to accumulate and accumulate, to peoples health serious threat, healthy, clean, fresh drinking water, we can help ease the burden to the body of all kinds of pollution, so to protect the homes and daily drink , water and health is even more important.

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