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on the "home water purifier water-saving product certification seminar" learned from the Ministry of Water Resources held on the 11th, after the sale of home water purifier first factory have water efficiency labeling; secondly, must comply with clean water is saving national standards; third-water efficiency labeling and actual water use efficiency are the same, water-saving products will be recognized third party certification bodies.


Why should develop water purifier water efficiency standards?


data show that my countrys annual production of 23 million water purification units, of which, the reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers for its good water quality much favored by the market, with volume up to 600 million units. However, a reverse osmosis membrane water purifier is a true "water tiger", produced water ratio is 1: 4, i.e. a yield 4 liters of water need to drain liter of concentrated water. Such projections, because of the use of only 6 million reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, will result in 2.1 billion tons of waste water per year.


Chinese Institute of Standardization snow Secretary-said "reverse osmosis water purification unit limit water use efficiency and water efficiency rating standards" has been established years ago. With pollution accidents, hot water purifier sales, product quality is uneven, Hu call market introduction of national standards as soon as possible. He said that the draft standard is accelerating and is expected to soon be introduced.


Why Sticker water efficiency labeling?


Lanzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other urban water pollution incident occurred one after another, boosting the ranks of the rapid growth of industrial water purifiers, water purifier industry a huge space, but it is not high tech, industry cohabitation, water attention is very low. Consumers face varied, various concepts, hundred to ten thousand yuan huge price difference of products is confused.


the implementation of water purifiers water efficiency labeling system will help manufacturers to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the establishment of corporate sincerity, strict self-discipline, accept social supervision.


Why should water efficiency water purifier certified?


as whether the product is energy-saving, environmental protection whether to go through a special third-party certification same. After saving water purifier whether enterprises can not make decisions by themselves, can not be the final say belongs to trade associations, third parties must be scientific, objective and fair recognition. Third party committee supervised by a nationally recognized. Beijing Xinhua water-saving product certification Yanchun Xia, Deputy General Manager, said: "Although third-party certification is a voluntary certification, but with the need to dry conditions, the Government will adoptTake concrete measures boots according to international practice. For example, government procurement requirements of water purification products must have a water efficiency labeling, you must go through certification and so on. "


identification, authentication and how unified standard threes?


Haier, clean water source, Angel, Baokang water purifiers and more than 30 production companies participated in the seminar. Among them, Qin Kang, chairman of Xuli Long said: "we are always looking for water-saving product certification, has found the NDRC Energy Conservation Center, but the Center for the certification of our business and the demands of water-saving certification is not the same thing. Later, we tried to develop a companys own standards, reported to the authorities, but due to changes in body system came to a halt. Now, with the mandatory national standards and third party certification nice, the next step needs to be done is to keep corporate identity, national standards and third party certification of three persons unity. "? Business representatives believe that identification, authentication, three were unified standard also requires a lot of specific conditions need to be agreed, for example, take the product itself certification, the products installation and certification to distinguish water efficiency certification ;. the same device face different water sources to get their data is not the same, and so on


water purifier there are many purification methods, market outlets was undoubtedly the most popular reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, its core technology is reverse osmosis membrane. the quality of the water purifier water quality to a large extent depends on advanced membrane materials technology. China water enterprises Association Branch Secretary Guo Youzhi desalination analyzed the production, distribution and application of reverse osmosis membranes of data and charts and pointed out that speed up the industrialization of the domestic reverse osmosis membrane is still our mandate. Chinese senior expert Gu long pass in addition to water purification industry structure analysis, industry characteristics and the future direction of development of Chinas water purifier, but also demonstrated its net water is water saving measures.



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