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   HC Network for water purification domestic being set foot on return to work, re-production, the resumption of trading of household appliances industry, the market situation for everyone this year and the next period of difficult to judge. After all, the "new crown epidemic," the outbreak huge impact on the global economy, adding new uncertainty. Among them, the risk and opportunities, see who can hold handy.

   market economy, marketing practices wonders. Price has become the Pathfinder tool. Not long ago, sea fishing and Sibelius prices are playing a Pathfinder marketing, Pathfinder consumer mentality under current market conditions. Consumer prices seen dining appliance industry, some people cry out to follow the prices of home appliances.

   Unfortunately, sea fishing and Sibelius are a cop just apologize prices again jumped out to restore the original price. For some appliance manufacturers want to follow the trend of bewildered, not just price it, and how to restore the original price? It seems, the price is a blind alley, sea fishing, Sibelius were all withdrew, and household appliances will be able to achieve price increases rescue it?

   appliances companies want to increase is a natural thing, after all, the leading home appliance enterprises are listed companies. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic, almost destroyed and a quarter of production and management, resulting in a listed company data is extremely ugly. If the price trend can be formed, on the one hand can be done in the previous time-tested "to buy up not to buy down" the idea to start operating the market; on the other hand as long as prices can reduce the pressure on costs, but also improve the look of how much data operating results.

   However, in the current market environment, trying to rely on price increases to ease market pressure on the operation, apparently on the occasion, the strategy does not work. Whether it is from the users consumer psychology, consumption, social or environmental point of view, do not support prices at current conditions bailout behavior.

   From the user point of view to consider, any merchandise except for a few high-end users, that is, do not ask the price of diehard powder addition, the vast majority of users are price and other conditions are more sensitive to changes in the consumer groups, the cheaper the product and quality said in the past, will determine the purchase. Otherwise, the market would not have let so many activities to win over consumers.

   specific to the present, have experienced more than two months of home to fight the epidemic, factory production order affected,Market environment has been difficult. Although the vast majority of factories are also wages to employees, but in the past the various types of bonuses, subsidies are gone. That is, means that a lot of peoples income is affected, how can longer afford the prices of consumer goods it?

   Currently, the biggest factor affecting consumer or the fears of the epidemic, future income is not clear. Rather than consumer impulse, so this time to buy home appliances products are just demand, such as home appliances need to be updated; or purchase a new house needs renovation has just delivered, this time the price impact will be very general. Your price I can buy another home, many domestic appliance brand is not a monopoly.

   In fact, restricting the home appliance industry prices simply can not, or is the industrys overcapacity. When the market is in a growth period, excess capacity can also be expanded demand and digestion. In recent years, the industry clearly entered into the stock market, there is no incremental to absorb excess capacity, price increases is to provide opportunities for competitors, which industry leaders will not consider the market handed it over.

   Commentators have called the price based on the prices of rising costs. You may wish to look past the home appliance industry price increases are due to the upstream raw material prices, and now the global epidemic resulting in reduced demand for bulk raw materials. More typical is the oil from $ 50 a barrel a few days fell more than 20 US dollars a barrel; other bulk raw materials, too, was rendered diving trend. Obviously, the price of power by no means upstream raw materials.

   Many manufacturers prices because the market demand, resulting in production capacity can not be fully released, greatly enhance the cost is bound. In the case of the path can not be found to reduce the deficit, it is aimed to the terminal prices to ease pressure on the operation. But this idea is too simple, but also underestimated the intelligence of users in mature markets, in the present circumstances can rise up in you?

   Moreover, home appliance product is neither a tight articles, nor is it a necessity, no reason at all prices. Prices are just some people believe that the current manufacturers can not produce under normal epidemic, commodity price increases can be implemented. Do you not know, has long been home appliances into the stock market, with air conditioning, for example, the end of inventory in more than 40 million units, which is a few months does not produce, the market will not be out of stock, what price it?

   From the above several ways, return to work after re-production era into the epidemic, still have to conform to actual society and the market, do not think through price increases to ease the pressure on the operation. That does not work, and it is contrary to the laws of the market. Sea fishing, Sibelius who have returned to the prices, you have to bite the bullet and washed up yet? It is clearly not acceptable.

   The business suffered due to pressure epidemic, is a systemic risk society, industry. Home appliance business, which one can manage alone, only to follow the market trend to comply with in order to bail out a fundamental return to the healthy development track.

   Currently, the way out is to actively cooperate with the government introduced new infrastructure strategy, the new capital in tap new market space. This huge market space, and high quality features, provide an opportunity for the home appliance business by leaps and bounds again. To see those companies can seize opportunities.


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