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   van slowly into the village, down a few people to build a shed, move down a few machines and some household items .... Activities began, receive free supplies to take advantage of what we are good at. Then began selling household items, find a lot cheaper than the market, the use of contrast quality is also better than the market, defrauding the goodwill, water purifiers last played, you can feel where they account for cheap, but also through a variety of brainwashing good, people buy more. In addition to the machine it was not long, was found could not get through, and finally dawned cheated. However, such a van into a number of villages, how many innocent people cheated, saying that a good time was ripe bitten, grass snake, then this will go a long pins can do? Although it will sell a mode constant changes, but the water purifier has been hurt too many people of good heart. Then the water purifier sales will fall to the point where riding a tiger, water purifier into millions of households farther away whether it?



   Lets say for domestic water pollution problems, do not say industrial pollution, caused by river pollution and acid rain. These may be a bit far away from us, and said pesticide residues in rural areas of pollution, climate change, some rivers dry, and even less water wells dried up and so on, many villages were using bottled water. This says a lot of people would say use bottled water very good, indeed better than contaminated by pesticides and other Cannian well water, but how much can number, it can be said that half a dozen? Whats wrong with bottled water, not described in detail, fine think the next, from bottled water to all regions of the village where you have passed a number of process is not production took over the? shelf life is water and how long to you have to drink a bucket of water over there how long, and so a series, in fact, these issues would have to be found, so with the water purifier.

   Speaking in front of the pin will disturb the water purifier market, hurt too many people of good heart. Then when we do not believe the water purifiers, water purifiers can go on it? In fact, a part of the status quo needs to stand the test of the product is, some people will not be upset and affect the industry. I do not believe that what is taken, will only make the industry gradually into the formal. After

   Why is it so, will join the pin into every village, the people hated him, he does not buy water purifier,The pin will also continue to do it? Pin will not get on, where unscrupulous businessmen in the production of water purifier market? Not to mention there are physical stores, this is not realistic, a lot of problems entity store water purifier to sell, do not hit the shop said that local people kindness. Bad business out gradually, with unexpected water purification industry gradually into the right track. This spoiler does not seize those market, the business market and have more money to improve service, change the current water purification industry generally not optimistic about the sale of the status quo.

   then the water purifier just need to be more contemporary environment, is not a water purifier will sell the odd tiger under difficult occasion into millions of households from another step closer. This road how far we should look at the future trend, but the water purifier into millions of households is inevitable, regular water purifier manufacturers, the largest regular brand survives probability is inevitable. Then the water purifier to join you dare just choose it? Consider this small manufacturers whether formal, if there is strength last laugh, we add fresh water purifiers under the brand better to consult in case of your dilemma.

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