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   reverse osmosis home water purifiers top ten ranking which brand is good? Improve the quality of life so that people are increasingly concerned about the health of drinking water, you can drink for many families choose to install so-called healthy drinking water can drink straight reverse osmosis water purifier at home. But now the water purifier market was mixed, uneven quality and brand, in the end domestic reverse osmosis home water purifiers top ten ranking Which is better? This is a question many consumers in the choice of home reverse osmosis water purifier to be considered, but each brand businesses are the public that goes rational woman and she said, then consumers how to choose it?



   in fact, many domestic brands of water purifiers were wearing foreign brand, but in fact it is produced domestically, and abroad did not take sides, but with the power of media in advertising to consumers brainwashing. And really want to squeeze water purifiers top ten brands ranked in addition to media advertising, more important is the quality of the product. After all, advertising is just the brand of soft power, quality is the brand of hard power. Now to tell you how to identify the top ten brands of reverse osmosis water purifier which brand is good.

   First, the filter is a core

   a reverse osmosis filter is the core part of the home water purifier, filter quality brand household RO an important indicator of the quality of water purifiers. Reverse osmosis is a general household water purifiers the filter cartridge 5 combinations thereof. A good brand will work hard in selected materials cartridges!

   Second, water purification technology is the key

   reverse osmosis home water purifier is most critical is the purification process, the general drinking water purifier purification technology need to use a reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy as high as 0.0001 microns, out of the water without any bacteria, viruses, and any organic compounds and heavy metals, can be achieved standard drink straight, i.e. pure water. Some people think that drinking water is not good, no minerals, but from the water to replenish minerals needed by the body is not enough, so you want to drink clean water or choose to drink pure water would be better, after all, there is no pure water Harmful Substance. Water purification technology as it is now relatively high-end fresh water is added 10 launched own patents: micro waste water machine 1, a main supranational water efficiency, pure water RO membranes twice extended membrane life, attracted OKIndustry attention.

   Third, the perfect after-sale is to protect

   a good brand in addition to efforts in publicity and quality, after-sales is also a test of a brand standard . Under the current situation in reverse osmosis home water purifier brand cohabitation, and only have the perfect after-sales service is based on the continuation of this brand. For those mercenary water purifier business, generally only fool those who love petty advantages of the user, a long time will not go on.

   Fourth, the relevant documents can not be less

   at the time of purchase reverse osmosis home water purifier, we must remember to look to buy brand-related documents, wading document, quality inspection reports and health permit, etc. these Less, also can go to the appropriate health surveillance network authentication to verify the authenticity of documents. At present, many online businesses boast their own water purifier is one of the top ten brands, for its authenticity, consumers also need to keep their eyes open look, you can go to the official website inquiries.

   the relatively well-known domestic and consumers are more interested in the water purifier brand has a fresh water added, Haier, Midea, etc., these brands are for reference only, at the time of purchase to recognize genuine !, police anti-counterfeiting method above is how to identify the reverse osmosis home water purifiers top ten brands is good or bad, and I hope to help some consumers who want to buy a water purifier

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