Traditional way of drinking water andter purification ctrast

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From ancient times, my country has experienced three generations of change drinking water sources, the transition from water to tap water, bottled water, and so on. However, since these sources are considered corporate control, it is inevitable there will be a lot of problems in the production process, so more people are beginning to recognize water purifier. Compared to the traditional way of drinking water, water purifiers and what advantage?


First, the contrast between the river and the


long-term accumulation of water pollution is born, there is no pollution and water quality itself, but a lot of waste water, waste, chemicals, garbage and other pollutants on the river formed a long-term pollution, water pollution caused by this serious phenomenon of our country, the river is no longer suitable as living water. In-depth research for the domestic water pollution, water purifiers can effectively remove the relevant pollutants, improving water quality can be very good purity.


Second, the contest between the water


converted from tap water from the river, it is now the main way of living water. But tap water is added during the processing of a large amount of chlorine and bleaching powder, while in transit as dilapidated water pipes, aging, etc., the water quality before, simply boil drinking on the human body more harm than good. Water purifier has a good effect for the removal of sediment, rust, chlorine and some chemical pollution and other impurities in the water, while the water odor adsorbed the color, improving water taste.


Third, the comparator bottled water purifiers and

   in water

bottled water purification filter belonging to the same type, is not the same as the bottled water is directly from manufacturers after the large-scale water purification by water treatment products, and then sold to users of water cumbersome and inconvenient transportation. The water purifier is to allow users to self-direct product water. In contrast, water purifiers and more secure, after all, most people still trust themselves.


Fourth, compared with other high-end drinking water


high-end drinking water, referring to the nutritional value of certain guaranteed source of water, for example, is now more popular mineral water, distilled water and mineral water, etc. Wait. Although the water has a certain nutritional factors, but the price is too high, not suitable for home use a lot. The water filter cartridge can be configured to meet the different needs of different populations, both in cost and nutritional quality of it is very cost-effective, while abundant water purifier water production, to meet the needs of a large number of household water.


To date, suitable for home useDrinking water can be divided into four stages, namely: water, tap water, bottled water and a water purifier output, which is the sublimation of domestic water quality, but also to ensure that water health reform. Water purifier can be said now to safeguard the future of most of the water purification equipment.

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