2015 China Guangdong Shunde Expo no pressure barls water mac

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   March 13, 2015 to March 15, 2015 Guangdong Shunde Expo will be opened, known as "Asias Best Electronic Trading Platform" Shunde Expo has been successfully held for the past thirteen, this exhibition area of 鈥嬧€?0,000 square meters, more than 700 companies from competing against finished appliances, accessories and design industry. After years of training and development, Shunde Expo has formed a relatively large-scale, brand name companies, advanced technology, complete supporting facilities of the home appliance industry cluster. At present, Shunde household electrical appliance industry groups still mainly industrial manufacturing, domestic enterprises, brand enterprises, three features more prominent in the Shunde household electrical appliance industry.


2014 Guangdong Shunde Expo - Ouwosi exhibition Pictures

   2014 China Guangdong Shunde Expo: Ouwosis first "no-pressure water machine" will focus on appearance

   Ouwosi important as the shows exhibitors water purification equipment company, and was invited to bring Ouwosi first "no pressure barrels water machine" focus on appearance, no pressure barrels water machine compared to conventional pressure tank pure water, better performance, not only saves space in the kitchen only removed the pressure tank, and traffic doubled, which means that the drink, fresh water making flexible, intelligent system filter replacement tips, solve the secondary pollution of water problems and meet the consumers peace of mind, rest assured, healthy drinking water "concept.

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