Water purification industry to be unified industry aard for

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   In recent years, environmental issues, water pollution, air pollution increasingly serious, brought great distress to peoples health, but also urging hot selling water purifiers and other industries. In the home appliance industry downturn in the overall development of the situation, my countrys water purifier market in sales growth in the first half of this year reached 40%. Water purifier sales online sales in June reached 97,000 units, effectively stimulating the development of the water purifier market as a whole.

   water purifier sales blowout, an endless stream of new selling point

   Although the water purifier market size in growth, but the current penetration of water purifiers in our country is only 3% to 5%, far European and American families less than 70% penetration rate, huge future market space, water purifier market in the future is still promising.

   high profit-driven water purifier market share increased dramatically, and major water purifier company also refused to let the slightest opportunity, in terms of product and marketing make great efforts to dig a new selling point to force the occupation more market space, which from another extent, also accelerated the rhythm upgrade water purification products.

   product technology, appearance, is a water purifier company is trying to improve important aspects of the promotion. Most traditional water purifier with a high-pressure tank, but its bulky fuselage and secondary pollution caused by canned, very much affect the consumer experience. Without filling out of the water purifier to upgrade the performance of high-pressure tanks, material, water flow, appearance, sealed, maintenance and other space and has been recognized by the industry.

   With further upgrade technology in recent years have emerged on the market a large number of cross-border products. "Net, drinking fountains cross" product will clean water, drinking water into one, to meet the multiple needs of families drinking water, drinking water is a major change in the family way.

   and in TV, air conditioning and other appliances have "net" trend, various water purifier companies have followed suit, began planning the water purifier and the Internet "cross-border marriage", has taken a water purifier intelligent key step. If a brand of water box "intelligent plumbing home", can achieve real-time monitoring of water quality, mobile remote control, filter life warning, APP personal management functions, can provide users with a more secure, reliable drinking water.


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   lack of industry standards, users feel the difference

   high profit margins, the temptation

   by the characteristics of high-growth, the influx of a large number of companies competing water purification industry in furtherWhile promoting market development, but it also brings standard chaos, a series of vicious competition and other issues, and the consumer is the most direct perception of these issues. According to the data analysis showed that online consumers Poor water purifier product rate of 6.6%. Among them, the proportion of goods Poor experience links up to 28.7%, becoming the Poor water purifier hardest hit.

   Although overall consumer of water purifier Poor relatively high (6.6%), but it is precisely these hidden behind Poor water purification industry crux of the problem lies. Therefore, enterprises need to raise awareness about 6.6% of the difference in assessment of consumers through big data analysis techniques to dig deeper to find out the product improvement perspective.

   According to the analysis, the difference in assessment experience goods links, the use of feelings, Poor accounting product features, product quality, appearance is respectively 28.7%, 19.3%, 14.7%, 7.2%. Wherein, by using competent Poor accounted top, the water problem is mainly focused on the speed of the water purifier clean water taste, the rate of waste water, the secondary pollution.

   In this regard, experts said, the user uses water purification products, the final analysis, the core purpose is to be able to have both clean and convenient ease of drinking water companies should be more in the purification rate, water flow, environmental protection convenient in terms of efforts, to enhance the user experience, providing more convenient and healthier life for the user. Only the user experience simply by collecting, analyzing consumer demand point to improve product design, in order to allow more users willing to pay for the product.

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