Tim net water purifier again reminded- watpurifimarket scam

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  Tim net water purifier again reminded: water purifier market scam alert Author: Tim net water purification Views: 1500 Published: 2017-3-18 9:56:38 recent crooks selling water purification products in 188 West County area, is the owner see through the scam, after being caught existing residential security. Tim net water purification remind you to buy household water purifiers, be sure to go to a physical store to buy or authoritative platform. 鎭噣鍑€姘村啀娆℃彁閱掞細璀︽儠鍑€姘村櫒鎺ㄩ攢楠楀眬 Reporters learned that the recent West County 188 other communities emergence of a new scam, the district Loudong plastered notice install water purifiers, seal inscribed "Yangzhou City, a tap water purification equipment research institute." Reporters on the scene saw red seal was very conspicuous, people think it is the water company affiliated research institutions. The "Institute" Recommended water purifier prices are 390 yuan and 980 yuan. See a notification bigger way, some residents believed her, and called in the past asked people on-site installation, the results of only one day on the bad; some residents found water purifier invoice wrong. After that cheated, some residents in the area to remind you that the owners of micro letter the group, after the enthusiastic residents by telephone to each other "fishing" to the community. 12, "fitter" first entered the cell, he was resident and security force guard up, and call 110 treatment. Police asked that: the worker surnamed Tang, there is no water and electricity installation qualification, is the Internet to find part-time. Delivery of the family also secretive, and water companies have nothing to do. Xiao Tang account, available on the home every day to call him and tell him the location of the installation, while the water purifier is the home of Wanda to his side. Subsequently, the police Xiao Tang to the police station for investigation. City Water company official said in an interview two days, a lot of people already began to receive telephone consultation, and the company has never organized similar activities, the Institutes no purification equipment. After a review of national business management system discovery, "Yangzhou City, a water tap water purification equipment research institute" does not exist, to judge a fake company, the majority of water users please do not be deceived. Reporters in the online search found that many cities in China have the name of "Institute" name scam notice install water purifier. It should be noted that the water purifier scam, these water purifiers unknown, after installation, most water quality standards will not, drink might be hazardous to health.

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