One hundred billion water purification market segment cegory

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   pursuit of healthy living quality, safe drinking water is a basic demand. Consumer demand for water purification equipment, and promote the rapid development of the water industry in recent years. PRC, according to data released in the context of the home appliance market in 2018 show downward trends, water purification equipment has maintained a 14% growth, market capacity is expected in 2019 China water purifier or more than 200 million units, The total market more than 200 billion yuan.

   in sales growth at the same time, the water purifier market has a huge potential for development. For comparison, European countries purifier penetration rate of 90%, developed countries in Asia purifier penetration rate of 70 percent, my countrys water industry product penetration is less than 2%. At the discretion of the industry, water purifier in China will be a one hundred billion market.

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   water purifier industry has the good side, while there are many false advertising, brand confusion in the market chaos. But in November 2017, "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" introduction of national standards, to accelerate the market reshuffle, eliminate the chaos in the industry, increase the barriers to entry into the water industry began on track. At the same time, the new standard also Forced water purification technology enterprises to upgrade and enhance the overall product quality to meet higher water efficiency, develop products more popular with consumers.

   With the popularity of the concept of consumption upgrade and healthy drinking water, healthy, quality, high-end features such as point becomes a key factor in consumers to buy water purification products, which determines the traditional installation of a POU program can not meet peoples needs, from home water purifier in the subdivision out of whole house water purification system, with detailed water function zoning and rational allocation of water resources net, and gradually become the mainstream trend family health water. ?

   So, what the World Health Organization research data indicate that for the whole house water purification system: the main route and approximate ratio "harmful substances in water" is absorbed by the body: 1/3 oral intake (drinking water, brush your teeth, food), 1/3 skin absorption (hand washing, bathing), 1/3 inhalation (cleansing, bathing). Whole house water purification system can purify the water the whole house of all places kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room, family meet daily drink, eat, wash, bath, clean water and other full range of needs, so install whole house water purification system is the trend. Suning big data show that during the 618 whole house water purification system for the hot explosion models, sales rose 591%.

   In this regard, industry professionals analyzed, whole house water purification system is the future trend of consumption upgrade, but also a symbol of household water quality. Water purification technology to upgrade the current market direction should be a high level of water efficiency, small size large flow, water heating integration, filter upgrades, and product development trend is the whole house water purification program. Left extension magpie PRC, general manager of the Brand Center also believes that the water industry in the second half will be a single product to household water purifiers water solutions.

   whole house water purification system just need era, a huge market demand has attracted join many "predators" of.

   on AWE2019 exhibition, Haier water purification joint China Association for Standardization issued the "wisdom of whole house water purification system of common technical requirements" standard, first purchase upgrades and new user experience based on the demands of the era of things, full of wisdom General technical house water purification system proposed standardized, systematic requirements. While the appearance of whole house water purification system sets CMX also been favorable for many of the media and the audience, which not only has a high face value, but also equipped with FEV 2.0 technology to achieve "autopilot + Deluxe + purifying effect full screen visual "wisdom of experience, innovation and integration of IOT IOT cloud platform, big data analytics, monitoring water quality to provide users with proactive, filter life warning, filter replacement reminders, regular maintenance and other one-stop butler service.

   Angel generation of whole house water purification system using the original USpro composite filter, the second generation of super-activated carbon instantaneous suction technology, more efficient than the conventional activated carbon adsorption filter, the filtration accuracy can be improved about 50 times, not only remove rust, colloid and other large particulate matter, but also effectively remove E. coli, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances, to guarantee the quality of water purification whole house water purification system.

   l of whole house water purification system is the use of self-developed PVC alloy capillary membrane, filtration accuracy of 0.01 m, the filtered water high bacteria, colloids, rust, sand and other harmful impurities; and is a set of customized service solutions whole house central net system, according to the users home water quality, provide targeted solutions, customized to achieve the effect of clean water.

   visible, changing consumer demand, R & D in the direction of change, change is the enterprise have been walking on the road of innovation. In the national grid editor Lv Shenghua view, water purifier market capacity is very large, the other water purification industryOne runway is the whole house water purification system.

   In general, water purifier is a sunrise industry in the next three to five years will continue to maintain the trend of rapid growth. Sub-category whole house water purification system will make water a pleasure, all in one step to solve water quality problems at home, to ensure the daily water security, no doubt for the home appliance industry, the new outlet. So, are you ready "water" in fishing for money yet

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