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  Walter saving water purifiers to choose the time for you to publish website: Published: 2019-01-02 With the peoples environmental awareness is gradually increased, to buy water purifier voice growing. Water purifier is very common in the market, many brands, different water purifier water purification effect is not the same, if not understand some of the knowledge it is easy to buy into the errors of poor quality water purifier. Good water purifier bad how to judge it? Looked at three points is enough, you can greatly reduce the time to choose a water purifier. a: to buy brand water purifier brand is the strength of the witness, the big brands more advanced technology stronger, the big brands is taking the formal channels, to avoid the risk to buy a lot of fake and shoddy products, consumers buy water purifier We must understand the importance of product quality. Whether the water purifier brand has made health permits higher health supervision departments, wading document, through technical supervision departments identified, in line with the "drinking water quality standards." II: The optional local water northern be optional with the ion exchange resin cartridge filter water purifier, because of water north high hardness, easy to furring, high calcium and magnesium ions in water. Water quality limestone areas of the South is relatively hard. Three: Harmonia odor buy a pair of quality water purifier is more applicable water quality in the southern region vulnerable to the impact of rain, water heterochromatic odor buy a pair of muddy water purifier is more suitable, vegetables and cooking ultrafiltration machine, drinking water by reverse osmosis.

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