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  $ 100 million stake in Wanda Commercial TCL strategy to join Wanda Group $ 100 million stake in Wanda Commercial TCL strategy to join Wanda Group January 6 pm news, TCL Group announced the signing of a strategic cooperation letter of intent with Wanda Group, comprehensively promote the two sides related business areas strategic cooperation. According to the prospectus disclosure of information previously Wanda show, TCL wholly owned subsidiary of hi rhyme investment it has invested $ 100 million to subscribe for its shares to be cornerstone investors. Wanda listed in the Hong Kong issue has been much attention in the market. Statistics show, including the Kuwait Investment Authority, China Life and Ping An, etc. have to subscribe for its shares. It is reported that Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties (IPO) scheduled for the offer price of HK $ 48, close to the upper limit of the range, raising HK $ 28.8 billion (about US $ 3.7 billion), becoming the largest IPO this year in Hong Kong. Previously, Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda At Wuhan to attend the press conference said that the current Wanda Group is seeking transformation. Before the main source of income is Wandas real estate industry, the main direction of the future of culture, tourism, finance, electricity providers in four areas, including international mergers and acquisitions will have a relatively large movements. He also stressed that next year January 17 will officially announce Wanda transformation plan. Public information, Wanda Group has formed commercial real estate, hotels, cultural tourism, department store chain four industrial clusters, commercial real estate is the Chinese leader. In 2013, Wanda Groups total revenue 186.6 billion yuan, of which the total income of 145.6 billion yuan commercial real estate, not included in the Wanda Group, a business culture, cinema and KTV business revenue totaled about 300 billion yuan. Observation data from disclosure cooperation TCL, TCL Group, Wanda Group will become a strategic supplier. Including commercial real estate, hotel business, cinema and business department business, TCL based on their own advantages in intelligence and Internet applications and technologies for Wanda development, design and customization required system and terminal equipment, application support platform. While the two sides will also expand cooperation in a wide range of Internet applications and services platform cooperation. TCL had to think of Fantasia estate assets shares to become its second largest shareholder, holding community and business models O2O entrance living color, and hand Cisco scaffolding commercial public cloud services platform, TCL to expand from the personal cloud, smart home to the wisdom of the community Internet business and industry layout has gradually taken shape. It is reported that both the TCL or Wanda, are increasing in O2O into the field. The two sides could further cooperation in big data, cloud services in the future. Meanwhile, TCL has set up a financial business headquarters in October this year, the layout of the financial supply chain finance, microfinance and third-party payments.

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