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  "Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers internal price list" Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-09-20 Many people see this title will come in point, if the point is to come in to buy a little cheaper net water heater, then I Congratulations! Because you awareness of health is still very high, it also proves that you are willing to invest for the health. You also believe that the current water quality insecurity do exist. If you point to come in just to see people selling water purifiers that you earn much money, then it may let you down, because health can not be measured in monetary terms. Every day we are saying: "Water is the source of life", even kindergarten children have always known that, but when the real danger appeared, people began to reject it and see. World Health Organization studies have shown that CCTV also reiterated many times that: 80% of human diseases is unclean drinking water caused. So one of the reasons which resulted in a high incidence of chronic diseases and rejuvenation of our country, because we still hold for the diet: "sloppy eating disease" mentality to deal with. When you are sick, look at the following quote this table, what would you feel? These are real data, CCTV has repeatedly published about water pollution, water crisis; the State Council issued a decree to promote civilian water purification; organs, enterprises, institutions, schools are beginning to promote drinking water engineering and so on. All this has not attracted everyones attention. a water purifier expensive? We do the math to see if the water purifier is not really expensive to have the average family can not accept it? Retail Price: 1500 yuan life: 10 years (life expectancy of course much greater than the water purifier 10 years). Filter cost: annual $ 200. Electricity: 20 / Year Note: water machine power: about 35W. Tier cities electricity: 1.7 yuan / kw] 1500 yuan +200 yuan * 10 * 10 years +20 years = 3700 yuan effective flow capacity of the filter is 12 tons. An effective amount of purified water a year is 4 tons, 12 tons of purified water. Pure Water: 4000 l * 10 = 40,000 l of 3700 yuan 梅 4t * 10 years = 0.0375 yuan / liter Note: Purification Cost] corresponds to 4000 liters of 211 barrels of water, equivalent to 2117 years bucket. According to our house a family of three, a bucket of water per week is calculated. 1 * * 54 weeks barrel8 yuan * 10 years = 4320 yuan [Note: This is only for the cost of drinking water] and his total is: 54 * 18.9 l barrels * 10 = 10,206 liters Therefore, the same price is out of the water purifier a barrel filled with water 4 times, these data should be bottled water in the end it is clear why the money it!

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