There are many pitfalls water purifi OEM commissionedrocessi

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   Although the water purification industry in recent years has been rapid development, but in fact the development of water purification industry is not mature, the industry is still in a chaotic state. This and related departments, but also with the culture of society as a whole. Anyway, what the industry alike. Some people say that if the country can be like a foreign country, the problem of drinking water from the source above boredom, that is, to solve the water plant directly from the inside, so there will be no safe drinking water problem.


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   but the idea is good, but so many people in China, the government has not so much money to re-update water pipes, most good way is to buy yourself a water filter, if there is no money to buy a water purifier that drinking water it!

   water purifier is not a mature product, now there are a lot of places imperfections

   [ 123] If you go to the supermarket, or inside the store to buy a few water purifiers come back to do testing, then there will be a lot of water purifiers will fail. Although the water purification industry needs to document, required health permits, but does not fly. For small manufacturers, they will use it to do some good parts water purifier, used for testing, and with the general ordinary accessories used in the production process, sold to consumers. Not long ago, there is a real name Gree air conditioning Oaks events, Oaks said that all their air conditioning are tested qualified, while Gree air conditioning unqualified you then say in the supermarket, the facts are air conditioning was there. In this regard, the relevant departments to explain but it is only responsible for the results of testing, no undetected product.

   water purification industry will encounter the same problem, for small manufacturers, they will so dry, the real standard of real materials accessories water purifier manufacturers do not have a few. Because the water purifier to do with the real thing, the price is significantly higher. For this, for if you do not understand the water purifier accessories, we run into that do contract work for small businesses, Chi Diankui always inevitable.

   only a small part of the large-scale professional water purifier do OEM business, before they agree to do really serious product. As do water purifier OEM, we are relying on customers to survive. And fought for many years in the water purification industry people are very smart, what parts have any effect, they could easily look out. For long-term, large-scale specialized in water purification OEM company will not beYou can not go with the kind of unqualified parts.


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   water purification industry profits high threshold low

   In fact, surely we all know, water purification industry and higher profits. But now the use of processing modes do, reduces the companys cost largely water purifier, water purifier only need a brand, and then find someone to OEM. With customers can make Agent, operation is relatively easy.

   but easy to start a company, the better a companys customer service is not so easy. Especially troublesome after-sales

   For most SMEs, water purifier sale agents or is resolved, or is outsourced. If an agency to address that better, more for consumers, from where to buy a water purifier, which is a problem to find.

   as well as a portion of the water purifier sale company uses outsourcing. Outsourced to a third party company to do. In fact, based on our years of experience, contracted out to a third party it is no good, at least there is someone in charge, like many industries computers, televisions, etc., are contracted out to third parties who do, this is nothing. But for those small businesses, the quality of the water purifier itself is bad, there is no after-sales.

   consumers to buy a water purifier, to have their own pay for the repair, replacement of filters required to buy their own, then watch the video yourself replaced. If broken beyond repair, it is nothing with. For low-end products, personal advice is best not to buy. Buy at least, buy a good point

   There are also a lot of foreign brands on the market, take a foreign name. I heard recently in the renovation of the country names, those names have get rid of Western style. At that time I thought, why did not the water purification industry regulation to come inside, or at least 80% of the water purifier brand name will need to change it again.

   to take a foreign name is the use of people fawning psychological, although some water purifiers take a foreign name, in fact, all kind of good quality. Of course, this is also nothing. Of course, there are domestic water purifiers imported from abroad directly, but a small number, and the price is expensive, but a small number, because there is no need, and domestic and foreign water quality is not the same, even if the high price of flowers bought a water purifier, not how to use them, met saleOr replace the filter have to find foreign help, it is even more trouble.

   Conclusion: The water purifier OEM entire industry, which is more popular, it can be said to have a water purifier OEM, only now the water purifier market boom. Now open a factory is not easy, to rent, to labor, to the material accessories.

   water purifier brands to spend money on this, water purifier OEM company contracted to do, while he focused on marketing and branding, more conducive to development of the company. In fact, whether the quality of after-sales problem or question, whether this water purifier OEM is not important and it is important that the water purifier is to find who OEM, good quality water purifier OEM bad, the problem is the need concerned. Apple cell phone to find someone as OEM, why not find someone to water purifier OEM. If the water purifier is in all aspects of large-scale manufacturers have the strength to do it, people are still quality assured.

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