PC plastic cups to drink it safe

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   life of red plastic cups is a very common type of glass, a lot of people like to drink water with plastic cups, plastic cups as particularly convenient, and in particular, carry wrestling, PC plastic cups to drink it safe, will not be on adverse health effects, will give you the knowledge to do the professional resolution.




PC is composed of polycarbonate material, it may be used as the material of the cup. PC plastic cups to drink water safe? Domestic standards, PC plastic cups belong to high temperature materials, although can be used to drink water, but still recommended to use ceramic cups, which cups to drink water the most secure? Pc plastic cup to drink water 60 degrees will have dissolved to release the epidermis, because its surface with a layer of wax-like substance, the higher the temperature the degree increments.


pc plastic cup to drink water after heating will precipitate some chemicals, harmful. Plastic surface appears smooth, the internal structure have a lot of micro pores, which hides the dirt cup affected computers and chassis static electricity, the dust will absorb more bacteria. This is why we should understand the family little knowledge of drinking water, it is best to use water glasses and gave the cup with a lid, try not to put the cup on the computer next.


In theory, if it is made of PP plastic cup that is non-toxic, but in order to prevent aid dissolution of the PC, please do not use the PC cup containing hot water because the PC contains bisphenol A, the higher the temperature, the more the release. Especially children better not to use PC plastic cups to drink water, it is best as a cup of cold water or warm water.


Xiao Bian solemnly remind you that even the best PC plastic cups, also has some instability, especially in the face of high temperature, corrosion when toxic substances are released, although the amount is not released how much First, if long-term accumulation, the health risks are immeasurable.




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