Phipps water purifier manufacturs to remind you when to inst

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  Phipps water purifier manufacturers to remind you when to install water purifier given to know a few a lot of people think that buying a water purifier can be used casually, in fact, this idea is wrong, today home Phipps net water heater manufacturers tell you few things to note when installing a water purifier, so that we can increase the life of the machine! 鑿叉郸鏂噣姘村櫒鍘傚鎻愰啋浣犲湪鍑€姘村櫒瀹夎鏃跺畾瑕佺煡閬撶殑鍑犵偣 First, after installation do not often move some users when using the product, often free to move water purification equipment, water purification equipment, this will cause no water, because the internal water purifier various parts are linked together by a joint, often moving internal parts may cause damage, affect its function. Second, away from heat and avoid be careful not to rely too close to a heat source when direct sunlight install water purifiers, water heaters, for example, say, long-term to high temperatures will shorten the life of the installation of water purifiers. Further, it should take into account when installing avoid sunlight, sunlight avoid generating cyanobacteria. If you must be on the balcony, etc. may be exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water purifier, which has anti-algae effect. Phipps water purifier manufacturers to remind everyone to be installed in outdoor equipment some protection against freezing if installed outdoors, will have a freezing measures, no freezing measures could lead to filter bottles, and other membrane shell cracking. Given in subzero temperatures to stop using the water purifier, since the water volume expands during the solidification process, if the freezing, a direct result of all the lines purifier, filter flask, and other membrane shell will burst resulting in water leakage. If you are installing a water purifier, took note of these points above, I believe, the life of your home water purifier, will be able to increase, so hope that we can adopt more of these methods when installing a home water purifier ! (Water purifier how to choose to join the brand)

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