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  [Health] drinking water out of misunderstanding no longer do the water Blind Date: 2017-08-05 09:34:10 In China, most people still do not know how healthy drinking water, to ensure that as long as you can not thirsty, it is not true , drinking water is also a university asked the following small series bring you a look at how healthy drinking water. 道 Drinking five errors 道 a boil tap water as safe and high quality drinking water to change the habit of drinking water is very important. Chlorinated tap water to a boil and then drink, not security, which long since been recognized at the international level, because boiling water disinfection by-products contained. However, most people still regard this as a safe and high quality drinking water. 2 thirsty do not drink water "thirsty to drink" is most peoples drinking misunderstanding. Thirst means that over time the body has been extremely dry, there will be more serious than the thirst signal -! Chronic diseases. 3 of water is not drinking water is a nutrient, adequate is very important. It must be required water intake, and strive to rationing water. Not less than 1200 ml per day. 4 with drinks instead of drinking it is a lot of people, especially children drinking misunderstanding, currently commercially available beverages divided into four categories: (1) thirst-quenching drinks. Most are made of sugar, flavors, colors, add water; (2) nutritional drink. Adding a certain amount of protein, inorganic salts, vitamins and other nutrients; (3) special drinks. Such drinks are some of the need for treatment of certain diseases or to add a certain amount of special ingredients made. The beverage was added trace elements iron and zinc, as well as low-calorie beverage without sugar as a sugar diabetes patients with limited or made; (4) containing coffee and alcohol beverages. The above method, not only can not add moisture, but also cause considerable loss of body water. 5 bath before and after taking a bath should be preceded by neglect pay to drink water, because when bathing to prevent sweat more, blood viscosity, a sudden increase in blood pressure caused by the disease, this is more important to the elderly, but also after the bath water.

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