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across large areas of our national, regional water quality is more complex, such as the general water quality in northern hard, and so prone to cause stones affect human health; southern regions have excessive heavy metals, likely to cause harm to human liver, gall bladder and kidney. With the development of the first industry, water has repeatedly been destroyed, many harmful substances are likely to media by water, pollute our drinking water, and solid waste and industrial pollution is making our suffering severe water damage to our a tremendous impact on normal, healthy life.


After the boil tap water, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial contamination of carcasses and so on, so just boil drinking water quality will not be fundamentally improved. Bottled drinking water access, high cost, short period, more susceptible to secondary pollution, drinking water and therefore not an ideal solution.


how to protect our drinking water, health, safety, hygiene? Let the water instantly becomes clean and healthy, so that we can be safe to drink, protect the health of body and mind? How to protect schools, factories, hospitals, offices, enterprises and other public places healthy drinking water?


An Nick Seoul 2019 commercial water dispenser fully upgraded Diego change, product more attractive, more user-friendly. Technology, pay more attention to the quality of select accessories. The following recommended several new products:






Nick Seoul safe drinking water equipment Main features:


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   intelligent controlling system: full microcomputer control, automatic heating water, anti-dry, timer switch, evacuated overnight, automatic washing, water leakage alarm.




   plate selection: high-end anti-fingerprint stainless steel plate: color, navy blue, rose gold, black titanium Gang and other plates.




   Paint production processes: stainless steel panel painting process, having anti-corrosion, anti-conductive, anti nicks characteristics.




   heat exchange technology: every drop of drinking water is to boil the water, heat exchange physical cooling, direct drinking warm water, anti-scald children. And energy saving, cost expenditure.




   water supply: the drinking water and living completely separate, recyclable waste, conservation of water resources;




   tailored: water binding project fact, you design, select and set for the most suitable water equipment;




   physical filter: using a purifying filter rod, membrane separation technology, safe and effective removal of bacteria and viruses, retention beneficial minerals and trace elements;




   that the drink: drinking water disinfection by circulating pipeline transport, help you to clean water back home, fresh and timely; [123 ]



long life: water technology mature, can ensure long-term stable operation, low operating costs;




unattended: microcomputer automatic control, at any time water quality monitoring and fault, no special duty, man-machine interface and remote monitoring.





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