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   February 2, Sun Yu Group in Lianyungang headquarters organized the "electricity, heating, hot water - solar everything" strategy conference, the three dimensions of solar technology iterations and cover category for the interpretation of the new upgrade, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the central peoples broadcasting station, daycare photovoltaic, excellent Jiate new energy, Zhangjiagang rural commercial Bank, China Ping an Insurance, Suning, Gome, Beijing CGC of eight partners.


   Solar Rain "Solar everything" strategy released

   "Solar everything" strategy to "green development" for the direction of the solar thermal carried out using the technology continues to upgrade by "trans-seasonal storage solar thermal heating", "solar wall", "distributed photovoltaic power plants" and other innovative business, continued expansion of epitaxial solar, solar technology to create life, to provide hot water heating system from all types of customers, power supply of the overall solution, build "electricity, heating, hot water," the full range of energy suppliers.



   Sun Yu Group general manager Wang Debo domestic photovoltaic companies keynote address

   strategic policy guidance and promote the national PV market under the sun the rain to meet the development trend of the industry to achieve major breakthrough in the field of photovoltaics, large-scale development. With indoor use continuous change of scene photovoltaic, distributed photovoltaic power plant from "1.0 assembled era", "original 2.0 era" officially entered the "era of custom 3.0" - sun rain in design, product, monitoring, services, financial , insurance and other sectors to achieve high-end custom, solar power become high-end custom solutions provider.






   [123 ] Meanwhile, in order to promote photovoltaic project, the sun will rain in the financial system support, intelligent control and other aspects of the integration of a number of partner resources, and day-care by photovoltaic, excellent Jiate new energy, Zhangjiagang rural commercial Bank, China Ping An Insurance and combination organizations Beijing certification Center and so on, complementary advantages, jointly promote the wider use of solar photovoltaic products, and ultimately achieve business goals of economic, social and environmental benefits and win-win.


   power - Tongchuan, Shaanxi PV benchmarking project



   Sun Yu Group solar energy R & D Director Lee spring a keynote report

   when the "Beijing blue", "the most beautiful skyline" instead of "haze" has become a hot word in the media capital of all walks of life, the northern government level to promote "coal to electricity" has started to take action results. Thus, the "coal to electricity", "coal to gas" as the representative of clean energy for heating an inevitable trend to highlight the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection for the solar heating market is about to become "outlet."


   Heating - Silkeborg, Denmark seasonal thermal storage heating projects across the

   As a pioneer in the field of solar heating, solar rain around the room, the whole house, community, city , agricultural industry and commerce were launched five different dimensions of system solutions. For room usage scenarios, the industrys first solar heating machine, economic comfort, safety and reliability, more than one series, a multi-purpose machine; by solar energy and air can have more energy coupling system, the whole house hot water heating, energy saving, healthy and comfortable; for communities and cities, by different sizes of trans-seasonal thermal storage heating systems engineering, the non-solar heating season is stored for regional central heating, a new generation of clean and efficient central heating mode; solar wall unique patented technology, high absorption , high emission, industrial and commercial farming is the solution perfect building integrated heating system.

   hot water


   Sun Yu Group General Manager Geng Xiaofeng solar thermal keynote address

   With a series of "Solar Forced installation of national policy "and so on strong support and promote, as a foundation for the development of the sun rain solar water heating business in 2018 will usher in new opportunities and breakthroughs. As Chinas solar thermal Shanghai A-share listed companies, the sun rain through product iteration, channel expansion, model innovation, marketing operations and a series of upgrades enabling, continue to promote the upgrading of changes in solar water heating business.


   hot water - Ningbo Longhu sea billows Seacoast tablet project

   in the end product, aimed at the sun rain urban high-end users, the solar industrys first direct expansion heat pump hot waterOne machine, to experience new energy and new changes life brings leading technology; channel end, has built a comprehensive flagship store in Lianyungang, Taiyuan, Xian, Sanya, in 2017 the national new store 783, this year will continue to increase for the terminal store building, increase market investment; promotional end, sustained activity patterns practice and innovation, through five major battles throughout the year, Yin war 2018; terminal operators, through the full TOP100 core customers and business schools to build, enhance partner market Competitiveness.


   at the press conference, the sun, rain and the Central Peoples Broadcasting Station signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the sun, rain and strong cooperation of CNR, 1.4 billion people will face, all-day 24 hours, the Chinese territory-wide seamless coverage, leveraging state media platform, passing sun rain brand the strongest voice.



   to expand the areas in the new channel, Sun Rain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Suning, Gome, play their respective industries and brand advantages by depth layout of the country large KA stores, to better develop the marketing network, the city opened new opportunities for retail.

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