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   water purifier Agent how to do it? With the water purifier market gradually developed, more and more people to participate in this topic, because many see the water purifier market prospects, many of people are added to the water industry in the past. Then the water purification agents to join in order to make the water purifier market firm to do a solid, need to do the following, divided into four parts:



   a, make full use of available resources

   many water purification agents to expand the market in the early stages when bound to experience "transitional period." According to the experience of fresh water plus water purifier water purifier market point of view, a general agents to join before choosing to do water purification agents or to join, most agencies did not do too much of the market survey and preliminary study and preparation work, which is very conducive to the work market. Therefore, add fresh water purifiers recommend investors after obtaining the Agent the right to use their own should first learn and want to develop an effective marketing plan, if you have around marketing and other aspects can help you, positive consult complement its own deficiencies, fully make good use of available resources around them.

   Second, can not wait for customers

   a lot of franchisees and agents are to do household appliances, solar energy, hardware, plumbing and other projects mostly and most of them are couples to join the agency the majority. These agents are waiting for customer marketing approach for customers to come, and this is exactly what we do water purifier to join the agency taboo. Currently the masses of the function and value of a home water purifier is not very understanding, if you rely only opened a specialty store, waiting for consumers to come to buy sales model will not work, and now marketing model is the need for agents to join their move actively involved in marketing efforts, add fresh water purifier for everyone to recommend several ways to promote: 鈶?community promotion, 鈶?engineering No, 鈶?liaison units, some community science propaganda line 鈶? 鈶?will buy and other promotional activities, by these activities can be a good use of the necessity and value of water purifier spread to consumers, increasing consumer interest in buying, we can expand the market and laid the foundation for the brand water purifier market.

   Third, to help consumers expand the terminal channels, the terminal can determine the problem

   because a lot of agents to join a single product sales profits stick to hold that the total market profits and difficult to break through. In this way will have two drawbacks: first, it is difficult to establish the brand and influence in the regional market, when the market is relatively mature bound to lose the initiative, and may even face the risk of being eliminated. Second, give up market network expansion, economies of scale are not reflected, but also contrary to the strategic vision of network development agency brands, the same may be stricken out of the danger of being optimized.

   Fourth, after-sales service can not relax

   after-sales mainly consists of two aspects, one is the sale and installation service, is a post-maintenance services. Want to do both, you need to water purification agents franchisees spend a lot of thought and effort, and this is directly related to market expansion and economic interests, it is currently the most water purification agents franchisees are lacking. From the sale and installation, the installation of good play and user satisfaction with product performance improvement is very important. This requires agents to join or sales staff to spend time, manpower, material resources or third-party manufacturers whereabouts of organizational learning and training, to achieve very familiar with the product structure and installation techniques, and during the installation process also need to be very careful and patient.

   want to do water purification agents, the above four aspects must be done, the agent a product is simple, but you want to do water purification agents, and maintain well-managed market is not an easy task, which requires our agents need to acquire solid skills, and constantly improve the sales and technical service can, step by step to the market to do it! add fresh water purifiers are welcome to know scholar to come to factory inspection and counseling

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