618 -. A.O Smith teamed up to openhe electricity supplier Ji

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   May 9, century-old brand AO Smith, together Oaks air conditioning, Siemens appliances, Jingdong Group jointly held a grand "three-in-one body to lead the Comfort Life" as the theme of the conference co-marketing, cross-brand initiative electrical appliances whole scene boutique eco-marketing business, in order to meet the growing consumer focus on quality home appliances, intelligent, integrated optional requirements. At the same time, it was announced the launch of a new marketing Jingdong IP - "5.10 multiple star shining day", officially opened Jingdong Shopping Festival 618 years of global carnival prelude.


   Jingdong new marketing IP- "multiple star shining day" grand start

   vice chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association Xu Dongsheng, senior vice president of Jingdong Group Yan soldier , president of Orville cloud network Guomei De, senior vice president of AO Smith Corporation and China investment Corporation president Ding Wei, president of cold Ling Oaks home appliances division, BSH Home appliances (China) Co., Ltd., senior vice president and chief marketing officer Wang Weiqing ,, as well as dozens of core media from around the country attended the conference, witnessed innovations that lead the industry.


   innovation to lead the "Comfort life" AO Smith full line of new stunning debut

   With the peoples living standards rising, the market is facing a wide range of consumption upgrade, high-quality, intelligent "Comfort life" to become the new pursuit of consumers.


   AO Smith steel intensive care zero cold gas water heater

   clean, convenient drinking water, fresh, clean home air quality is an integral part of life parts, AO Smith, with strong R & D capabilities to take advantage of expanding the field from the hot water to the whole category of clean water, clean air, heating, beauty soft water, smoke stoves, with imagination and innovative products to meet consumer demand for a better life. AO Smith is a long-term flow reverse osmosis water purifier, water 3L large flow per minute, also equipped with a reverse osmosis filter MAX5.0 Long patented technology, five-year replacement, durable and more peace of mind; be able to "formaldehyde significant number" of AO Smith purifier formaldehyde, an aldehyde other than the effect according to U.S. 0.03mg / m3 high standard design, the use of formaldehyde Patent precision digital monitoring technology, the effect of visible feel more secure; Furthermore, "mention 28 daysL moisture to 35.7%, "the Wall Beauty water softeners," Challenges zero escape "of a series of innovative top-quality double-side hood and so on, to really solve the user pain point, a launch will be countless suction eye, become the backbone to promote consumption upgrade.


   AO Smith formaldehyde purifier Jingdong combination with carnival sounded the horn a total of 618 "win" the newly upgraded consumption

   as the industry leader in high-end appliances brand, and one of Chinas largest home appliance retail channel, AO Smith and Jingdong is the leader in promoting consumption upgrading and transformation of Chinese industry. this combination can be described as a matter of course, through collaborative industry value chain, strategic cooperation has achieved sustained fruitful.

   It is understood that the amount of fans AO Smith self Jingdong official flagship store is now over 2.42 million, becoming the Jingdong kitchen TOP popular brand. At the same time, AO Smith also won the "best customer experience Jingdong appliances best cooperation Award "," Jingdong appliance service reputation Award "and" outstanding service Jingdong business "to which recognition in terms of products, services, marketing and other comprehensive cooperation with Jingdong, and jointly promote the hot water, water purification, air purification products in high-end upgrade.


   the conference was initiated "multiple star shining day", that is, AO Smith and Jingdong joint marketing to promote the upgrading of consumption of the latest results, creating a joint cross-brand marketing electricity supplier precedent .AO Smith to join the Friends, leveraging the platform Jingdong big play "combination punches", the introduction of quality home appliance product portfolio includes kitchen, living room and so the whole family scene, help consumers realize their dreams "Comfort life ", not only sounded 618 years Jingdong Shopping Festival global carnival horn, is to create a win-win vendors and channel partners, industry ecosystem of healthy development.

   any age, innovation is constant the main theme. in addition to the appliance industry innovation in technology and products, the need to cooperate with more partners, innovative ways and channels of cooperation to build the ecosystem, to achieve high-quality joint recommendation to consumers, can really solve the user pain points to meet the demand for innovative products and solutions, allowing excellent product truly innovative technology to lead the industry and consumer trends, for the majority of consumers to create a better Comfort life

   (articles, pictures source: water industry brand alliances - public number, invasion deleted) [1twenty three]

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