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  Water as a source of life, is the basis of our survival and development, quality of clean drinking water, to protect our health. But the problem of water pollution has been around us, affects our health, today small and everyone will talk about the contaminated water. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) 01, the disease may be caused by water pollution 1, cancer: Cancer Research found that cancer is a long-term accumulation of harmful substances in the human body fluids inside and outside cells and cause damage to cells and tissues , causing acute exacerbations; and proliferation of cancer cells are carried out by cellular and humoral, other diseases, such as inflammation due to the harmful substances is initiated intracellular water. 2, stones: kidney urinary system is based filter body, parts of the body from the blood back, and the waste mixed with many impurities filtered through the kidney, out of the body from the urethra. Due to water pollution, then there is often a part of the impurities accumulate in the body over time will result in a variety of stone disease. 3, cardio-cerebral vascular sclerosis: long-term drinking unclean water, some pollutants will settle in the vessel wall, accelerating hardening of the arteries of the heart and brain. High blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases, and long-term drinking unclean water are directly related. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted) 4, fluorosis: Long-term drinking fluoride water can lead to poisoning, bone intake over the "F" will be replaced with calcium in the bones, resulting in human bone osteoporosis and softening, people hunched over, also severely incapacitated, before children 7-8 years old, the tooth surface and dull, black off, once the residual lifetime. 5, digestive system diseases, such as: E. coli - gastroenteritis, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, cholecystitis; Salmonella - typhoid, paratyphoid; to flexneri - bacterial dysentery and other diseases; hemolytic streptococcus - hemolysis jaundice disease. 6, diseases caused excessive heavy metals, such as: lead - nephropathy, neuralgia, leprosy; arsenic - neuritis, acute cadmium poisoning, and even death - skeletal deformities, back pain, poisoning, disease, etc. erythrocytes; P - Organophosphorus poisoning, breathing difficulties; calcium - stone disease, gout; mercury - neurotoxic disorders, psychiatric disorders, insanity, convulsions and even death; chromium - chronic kidney poisoning, resulting in kidney disorders, cancer and so on. How to solve the water pollution problem? Under the existing conditions, we want your health to drink safe water, in fact it is not difficult, it is to their own homes fitted with a water purifier! , The source of the water purifier may beEffective removal of various pollutants separation, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sand and other impurities and harmful substances in the water. (Source: organ network, the source of fresh water, invasion delete) use water purifiers, water can filter impurities in the drinking water standard drink reach, and lower cost. , The source of the water purifier filter used is a purely physical way, can effectively remove various types of impurities in water, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sand and the like. Water purifier filter absolute cost is much lower than bottled water, but the water good taste, can be drunk directly without boiling, so the family is the best drinking water treatment program. (Source: the source of clean water organ network security, intrusion deleted)

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