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   2019 has ended, the end of the promotion so that the water heater market has soared to achieve a final wave of 2019. According to the PRC in 2019 the first 52 weeks of next week, water heater line monitoring data show that the overall volume of retail trade growth of 60.2%. It is worth noting that the main brand retail volume share of the weight of a small margin, the top three Haier 22.7%, US 17.5%, respectively, A.O Smith 13.6%. Gas water heater which retail volume share of 42.1%, 55.5% electric storage type, these two water heaters accounted for nearly 90% of the water heater market, showing that consumer demand for gas water heaters and electric storage water heaters are more popular.



   on the subdivision market, electric storage water heater market share in the first three weight Haier 29.6%, AO Smith 21.2%, the United States 16.4%; retail gas water heater Bi Haier accounted for the cumulative growth of 2.2% over the same period, the cumulative growth of 1.1% over the same period the million and cumulative increase of 0.1% over the same period the United States; electric water heater than Haier retail accounted for 37.5%, 25.0% solar energy, light 18.8%.

   It is understood that Haier water heater has been able to occupy the volume of retail sales in each category first, relying on mature technology and solve pain points users a variety of product features. Not only the line selling, online sales is considerable, December 25 Haier EZER APP immersive scenes broadcast also can be said that online retail sales contributed to Haier water heaters, live day wisdom Bath & whole-house water scene programs sales amounted to 4623 units.



   wisdom live in the scene and whole-house water program has been favorable for consumers. To "net wash" scene, for example, due to the problems in the conventional design of the water heater itself, leading to the presence of stagnant water inside the water heater part, over time you will find yellow bath water, and even a strange odor and other issues, and in the "net wash" scene, net wash water heaters by improving water quality, reduce the amount of scale formation, to solve the traditional water heater is easy to keep the bath water is not clean scale lead to other issues. Whole House Water program is even more resolved heating the whole house, the whole house water softener, healthy drinking water, whole house four hot water problem, improve the freshness of water to a great extent.



   Haier solve the water heater at the same time pain pointsThere are the perfect eco-scene, in the wisdom of the bathroom scene, the appliances connected to a small excellent speakers can be voice-controlled water heater switch, thermostat. When watching television in the living room, ready to take a bath, excellent for small to say "small excellent small excellent, I take a shower," small excellent answer "Yes, the water heater is turned on." When you want to change the temperature, and then said "Little excellent small excellent, water heater transferred to 65 degrees," small excellent answer "Yes, the temperature is set to 65 degrees" excellent for small speakers. When you want to open Yuba conservatory, excellent for small to say "small excellent small excellent, open Yuba" excellent small reminder "Yuba is open for you."

   With this bathroom scene and whole-house water solutions, Haier water heaters to achieve a steady growth in retail sales market, "rather than hands," the wisdom of the bathroom scene allows users to experience the daily life of artificial intelligence Bath the practical difference.

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