Ya do high-temperature glass

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   Many people want to know ya glass temperature it? With this issue we consult with staff under.




elegant glass many people may not understand, but elegant glass in the market is also very popular, elegant glass and no harm to the body, but many people do not know ya glass there are no high-temperature glass effect, elegant glass temperature it?


elegant glass has high temperature effect.


Ya glass thickness exceeds 1.5mm, may be high temperature glass Ya hand to touch feeling, is smooth and not rough, high temperatures may be determined, heuristics with warm water, half a glass of warm water was added, if heating up fast, which can be high temperature, if slow, indicating easy to crack, elegant glass using drinking water is no problem, high temperature effect, the market is also very popular in a cup.


We can look elegant glass features can know whether a high temperature, the glass looks very smooth, but also heating up fast, suggest that you pay more attention, there are a variety of small household drinking water knowledge such as the safest drinking cups which are of such knowledge can understand.




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