Tianjin Port import prices continued to rise durg the firsha

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   reporters from Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the first half of 2017, by the inspection and quarantine bureau of import nearly 63,715,000 liters of drinking water, the value of approximately $ 3.561 million, the value of an increase of 31.7% year on year but imports down down 39.9%. The main importing countries of New Zealand, Canada, France, Fiji, Italy and so on.

   It is reported that the first quarter of this year, Tianjin imports grew more than four times the drinking water, drinking water caused the domestic market saturation, the volume of imports fell significantly in the second quarter. While imports fell significantly in the case of imported drinking water prices continued to rise, high-end drinking water alive.

   Tianjin inspection and quarantine staff should remind consumers to buy imported drinking water:

   1 as far as possible from the FTA outlets or other formal channels to buy imported drinking water; [. 123]

   2. closer look at the label of the Chinese focus view the contents of the country of origin, production date, shelf life, nutrition and so on. In addition, natural mineral drinking imported Chinese Flag tag natural mineral water further point name, product index limit compliance, and total dissolved solids content of major cations (e.g., potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium ions) in an amount ranging; [123 .]

   3 cover tight, no leakage;.

   4 can ask to see "proof of entry inspection and quarantine of goods", carefully check the name, batch number, size, country of origin, production date and shelf life and so on.

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