Water purifier to buy a two-step election

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a large area of 鈥嬧€媤ater pollution incidents erupted let water purifiers being touted, water purification varieties on the market variety, resulting in consumption did not know how to get good water purifier, you need to pay attention to when buying What?




First, grading, to be understood that the principle of water purifier classifier. A large brand water purifier business, told reporters, simply, divided into single-stage water purifier filter, two-stage filtration, filtration three, four and five and above filtration filter. A single stage filter, is only applicable to water quality for drinking water purification, the water can not drink tap water filtered general; dual stage filter, partially remove organic and inorganic impurities, which can effectively absorb chlorine, to improve the taste of water, only for high-quality drinking water purification water, better than single-stage filtration taste. Filtered tap water generally can not drink water; three filters, to clarify the water.




Second, when consumers buy water purifier, should choose good quality products, stable performance, more convenient, lower maintenance costs and operating costs, strong professional technology and good after-sales service brand, to reduce the return policy disputes.





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