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   the popularity of home water purifier has a very crucial role in solving the problem of drinking water of peoples health, in todays increasingly serious water pollution, water purifier appear like a serious illness of the person experiencing the good doctor have to say is a comforting thing, and with the improvement of quality of life, water purifiers has almost become a standard household water purifier transformed from a "rarity" to "common objects", indicating that the water industry the move towards a very prosperous future.




summer essential water purification strict quality control to

   water purifier usher in the development of summer

   development of Chinas water industry nearly 20 years of history. Since the late 90s of the last century, the development so far, China has been the first water purifier market size to grow to several hundred thousand. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 domestic water purifier business has grown to over 4500, and the number is still 30% -40% growth per year. China water purifier market from the initial winter gone through a "warm spring era", into the development of "summer."

   "2014--2018 Chinas water purifier market development trend analysis and forecast report" shows: In recent years, China water purifier sales continue to increase, up from 16.27 million units in 2009 to 25.22 million in 2011 Taiwan, with an average annual growth rate remained at about 25%. 2013, my countrys water purifier sales of about 44.7 million units. Data from recent years, my countrys water purification industry has entered a period of rapid development.

   Since the World Expo, China water industry entered a rapid development period, in addition to products outside the market rate has improved, more and more entrants to the industry, TCL, Haier, Gree, such as black and white household electrical appliance enterprises began to try into the water industry. I found on shortly after the end of the Shanghai International Exhibition water, sun, rain, seasons Mu songs, heating heating giants have begun to wade.

   not only more and more machine manufacturers, parts suppliers upstream, downstream vendors have also sprung up. The big brands, institutional investors are also eager spotted the general direction of development of water purification have joined. These are sufficient to explain the charm of the water industry.

   clean water and healthy development of the industry need to regulate this agent "down summer medicine"

   summer, but sales season water purifier. The PRC monitoring data show, 2014 years ago, in May year on year increase of 62 per cent of water purification equipment, household appliances industry is much higher than the market growth. The face of the rapidly growing market demand, a number of industry personnel started to worry, has been dubbed "low barriers to entry, the industry standard is not perfect," the water purification industry will be "heat stroke."

   Behind the high growth rate, it is the water purification industry because of insufficient competition, the relative lack of supervision caused confusion in the market: up to one thousand manufacturers, product pompous serious, uneven quality, prices are variable .

   Recently, the Phoenix published "water purifier will welcome checks and double standards," a paper attracted a water purifier manufacturers, industry experts, much attention people. The article said: Recently, a number of water purification industry standard has been released and will begin in November, water purifier industry-standard performance testing methods are also being developed. In addition AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier. Faced with the imminent sampling, water industry who appear to be "a few happy, some unhappy." Official said, the development of water purification industry needs industry standards and industry regulator dual-path.

   The first step, industry standards, regulate the industry.

   the face of the rapid development of the water industry, to develop and publish as soon as possible a unified, national system of mandatory standards is industry priority. Use the standards to regulate the market, standardize and protect the enterprise, to promote the sound development of enterprises. To wading index key components in the development of national standards, the whole performance indicators, electrical safety indicators, water and other key indicators of health and safety considerations, and versatility were key parts of the provisions, in order to follow-up on consumer products purchased replacement of critical spare parts can be guaranteed.

   The second step, government regulation.

   Chinese director Lu Jianguo Academy of household appliances Testing Technology Research Institute recently said, "Because there is no standard, the market chaos, to the moment of the regulation must be." It revealed that AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier. According to Lu Jianguo introduced, the production threshold of our water purifier is relatively low, manufacturers only need access to health approval document the health sector can produce, sell water purification products. The test methods Health this document, but to ensure that no secondary pollution of water purifiers, water purifiers which is the minimum requirement, and for water purification efficiency, electrical safety, structural safety and other properties, but also the lack of appropriate norms. "Water purifier may seem simple, but to doGood is not easy, for the implementation of the industry standard now, a considerable number of companies fail. "Said Lu Jianguo, checks supervision of government departments is increasing, which is good for the industry norms.

   relatively low current intensity of competition water purification industry, there is a high in the overall value chain profit margins, is a typical blue ocean market, undoubtedly the greatest motivation for all businesses to enter the industry. However, with the development of the industry, increase the intensity of competition is an inevitable trend, which is the law of development of the life cycle of any business decision. in order to higher competitive pressure stage still stands evergreen, must establish their own core competitive advantage. I believe that through more than 20 set of Chinese water industry, through government regulation in this drug agents down summer, will soon move toward the healthy development of the first year. [ 123]

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