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   on "Healthy China Water Technology Summit" 2020 May 26, which caused a string of numbers than anticipated domestic water purification industry experts. Drinking water for health issues in the context of the epidemic, the experts discussed the latest achievements in the field of water purification technology and future trends, but also the other side too NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purifier conducted in-depth tasting.

   The experts include: Wang Hao Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Chen Guanwen Professor Wang Zhe of Tsinghua University School of Environment, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Professor Zhang Yuzhong, vice chairman of China Film Industry Association Wang Jiwen, Chinese Center for Disease Control Environment Bai Xuetao researcher, Deputy Director of China quality certification Center Deng Xu, director of the Tianjin Institute of comprehensive utilization of seawater desalination Panxian Hui, E Miller Chinese CDC environment quality and safety research director, China Association for quality Promotion environmental industry Commission chairman Wu Yi

   this is the first stage can effectively filter out heavy metals in water, retain beneficial minerals, water purifier. In the popular and highly difficult field of water purification materials, to achieve a breakthrough from the 0-1. In the end, the experts agreed that, NSP membrane chromatography purification technology industry is worth attention, we hope this technology can be generalized as soon as possible, but also optimistic about its expansion from residential to commercial potential. "The water purification technology side too safety and health requirements of a balanced, which is very rare." Professor of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Hao comment, lets R & D team side too thrilled.



   back in time to November 24, 2017. At that time the side too water purifier to take shape, the project team members are ill at ease waiting for the experts inspection reports.

   report scene, membrane chromatography filtration rate stabilization of heavy metals more than 99%, and almost all of the membrane chromatography retention potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral ions, to achieve selective filtration. Well-known expert in the field of membrane separation technology of high Congjie academicians believe that this subversive film technology in the field of water purification. Professor Pan Xianhui desalination is the head of the National Institute of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration authorized testing agencies, and various types of film censorship before the country does not appear from this selective filtering of "strange" results. After seeing after repeated testing to confirm the report, Professor Pan felt a little weird at the same time, also spoke highly of the recognition of this film.

   hear experts affirmation of original technology, we conceal harvestThe joy of success and excitement. From 2012 project in 2017 to wide acclaim through technical inspection, officially listed in 2019, 2020, access to domestic experts ...... hardships along the way is not easy, only knew.

   ideal assumptions: starting from the consumer, the "side too" type of innovation source

   kitchen electric industry for many years of deep plowing side too, why the development of cross-border water purifier? It is inseparable from its chairman Mao Zhong, president of innovation for enterprises laid a gene.

   After the Shanghai Jiaotong University undergraduate and masters degree, Mao Zhong returned home, and his father founded the party with the ACP Group. He has the academic background of science and engineering, the engineers gene research and innovation to bring the party too.

   In 1996, Mao Zhong and professional industrial design Zhejiang University graduate with two, first introduced the concept of industrial design to produce the first generation of deep-type range hood market started. After that, he led the party too experienced from the original design to technology innovation leader in the development process, the first European-style hood, the first side of the suction hood, the first "triple play" sink dishwasher ...... [ 123]

   innovation to promote the electric kitchen advancement of technology, but also stimulate deeper thinking the value of "innovation" side too right. In order to further enhance the quality of life of the users home, the future direction of innovation side too should improve the overall situation. "The kitchen is the heart of residential, local and family members outside of the body to produce the most contact with. We can not be satisfied with the development of a single product, but the overall situation from the air, food, water, these three elements of human life, from the overall highly thought of, to provide users with health, environmental protection, tasteful lifestyle. "Mao Zhong said.

   In 2012, Fang Taining wave Innovation Institute was established, opened from the overall situation, starting a new journey to solve the problem from the basic elements. The first big project of the Institute - "H Project" has launched the project, for which nearly 50 people set up R & D team and two professional laboratory water purification. H is the first letter HO, but also the health of initials. The project, code-named later research has been posted on the wall of the office, always remind each of R & D staff: water and health are closely related, we must effectively for users of health research and development of new products.

   the vital importance of water to promote open side too bold cross-border exploration in the "healthy water" in the field. First find the most suitable good water human health, R & D directionThe establishment of standards, is the first goal of the project team, is also a pure ideal assumptions.

   justice and benefit choices: the election was difficult to walk the right way

   water purifier industry has entered a rapid development period around the year 2012. Stood a chance to make money do not do, we seek to get to the bottom at the source. For the goal of the first phase of the "H Project", many members of the project team at that time did not understand. "Using todays words, the outlet to the market. Foreign brands have come in to occupy the industry high-end status, domestic brands to buy products made of imported films can make money. Mao always told us, do not worry the product, what must first study kind of water is really good for the health of the body of water. "Deng senior member of the project team working memories. 3 years ago

   project set up, team members soak in the vast scientific literature, traveling back and forth to visit the country in 25 cities in the typical water quality, educated in the country more than 30 experts and scholars interview. From the wide West Ma Changshou village to Jinan Springs, from southern Tibet Glacier to the Lake, he traveled almost the whole of Chinas high-quality water source.

   in the side too sink in the heart study healthy water standards of the past few years, the water purifier market rapid growth, the best incoming already missed opportunity. By 2015, the "triple play" sink dishwasher as the party launched the first water too kitchen electric products successfully on the market, caused a sensation throughout the industry, the group from top to bottom morale. The "H project" team members but never felt a sense of accomplishment for a long time.

   Mao Zhong was looking for private communication, "I saw my classmates colleagues in the release of new photos of friends, I took a day wages heart is not at ease." Mao Zhong replied, "and then a little careful, do not hurry because if our decisions are wrong, trouble; Decision By the way, success is a matter of people drinking water is something that each of the data must be clearly and simply. I do not worry, what you anxious. "

   on the road towards the goal of slowly forward, stick to the ideal, it is likely meant to abandon visible benefits, this is the hardest entrepreneurs select. And Mao Zhong insisted that "we want consumers to start, do what others can not do or will not do, to do goodness worthy product of early heart."

   always walk in the forefront of industry innovation side too, believe that as long as a forward-looking research and development direction for the users health and well-being of value, will adhere to invest time and budget.

  Tackle tough: Put yourself in the family R & D

   by the end of 2014, after a lot of research and feasibility studies, side too, finally identified water purification technology research and development ideas: clean water retention and beneficial natural minerals, is healthy water. However, in order to filter out the good water meets this standard, we must at the same time to achieve the removal of heavy metals and retain beneficial minerals two effects. There was no readily available technology on the domestic market; side too want to own R & D, foreign research institutions refused to technical cooperation.

   project team and hard to find for a year, and finally in a domestic university laboratory to find technical solutions prototype: the creative use of medical biological protein filtration chromatography method, polysulfone / polyether sulfone this high molecular material is a raw material yarn, comprising selectively filtering characteristics. However, filtered water to drink from the ideal of quality there is a great distance.

   project team immediate access to the formulation development and iterative optimization phase. Adjusted once the film formulations usually takes three months. However, the project team set up more than 50 R & D personnel scheduling high-strength test mode, I just made an adjustment than 40 recipes and hundreds of heavy metal adsorption test trial within nine months.

   in September 2016, the first one to filter out heavy metals in water, retain beneficial minerals come out of the yarn finally succeeded. Like the spectrum of light wavelengths is selectively reflected or absorbed general, such a film can be performed yarn ion selective filtering of various structures. Each film yarn cross-section distribution of hundreds of billions negatively charged groups, some of the active ion membrane after encountering silk, as if hit iron magnet, those harmful heavy metal ions are attracted to the film firmly on wire ; while relatively stable minerals beneficial to human body ionic structure, easy adsorption film wire can be passed. R & D team will be excited to wire this film named "NSP membrane chromatography."

   However, after it is excited to face greater challenges. Despite prototype found the right material, but into products, its flow capacity and durability must also meet the requirements of practical use. Moreover, the production of thousands of square meters of high consistency of yarn in a laboratory preparation of a handful of films wire, and industrialization, more starker. How to improve the efficiency and durability of the filter material, how to solve batch consistency it is more of a challenge problem. In fact, in the field of innovative materials, the vast majority of promising new materials in the laboratory, we can not come to a successful end mass production. But itemsThe project team is not afraid Kenyinggutou, and after adjustment formula 60 times, more than 300 times the debugging process parameters, membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology from the laboratory to the production finally workshop.

   In the process over again, many members of the project team regard the blanket moved lab. For them, innovation reward hard enough to bring a sense of accomplishment. Their family members are also concerned about new products when will the market. In the "family research and development," the beginning of the heart, a lot of project team members would put the first prototype installed to their home, give your family can rest assured with the product is a good product.

   November 24, 2017, party too "NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology," passed the inspection authority of the expert group of domestic water purification field. This year, the side too sales exceeded 10 billion. Painstaking research side too water purification machines, but not taking advantage of the market, but waited for nearly 2 years.

   strictly control the quality: from technology to take a good product every step of the

   turned over the hill mass production technology, but also passed the inspection of experts, but there is no hurry to push side too product assembly market.

   taking into account the different water quality across the country, researchers installed the water purifier prototype to more than 30 provinces in the countrys more than 400 geeks users home, ask them to trial, the product of feedback and participation " blind taste test the water "activities. In the assistance of a user, considering a reduction scale side too, to enhance the overall taste requirements, the reservation of the film chromatography mineral ions were reduced.

   is in the users help researchers to understand it more deeply: Chinas hydrographic, living water treatment processes, distribution network and the community water supply and other factors, and abroad there is a huge difference. Mechanically foreign solutions are not able to give really good water users in China. In the users recommendation, researchers also internal and external structure of the water purifier material is optimized, so that smaller and more compact, more sophisticated technology.

   To ensure that health and safety, side too requires clean water per day for each film factory film wire, each filter, must meet stringent requirements for laboratory environments, hundreds of quality control points to compliance. All workshop equipment are used food-grade stainless steel, all with pure water rinsing step should be to ensure sterility. The workshop each employee must regularly apply for health certificates, each floor a separate password to set different channels to ensureStability of movement of persons. In the film the opportunity to shop silk spinning system, only two workers, but also to the artificial membrane in contact with the wire to a minimum.

   in September 2019, party too NSP membrane chromatography purification machines finally listed. Despite a long history, but side too R & D team feel very at ease, "because we as the quality of life, and only one life."

   Looking back: On Fang Taian is a more "hard core" of the heart [ 123]

   after eight years of research and development research, numerous tests to detect 10000, 100 kinds of material selection verification, the film can be used during the wire around the earth ...... research and development office the week, it is a mountain of information; R & D personnel PC, is a huge stock of data and charts. As the research and development of clean water, "chief product officer," Mao Zhong also no less hard. His office a total of 18 water-related books, each book covered with dense annotation.

   let Mao Zhong moved, eight years, the core members of the project team stick to their posts; many component suppliers did not see any short-term returns at the time, with trust each other too, and put a lot of manpower and funds, and without complaint.

   As Chinas independent research and development of new water purification hardcore side too NSP membrane chromatography purification machines caused public concern. Someone asked, invested so much money and so long that he began to develop from scratch, water purification membranes, also delayed the time to market for nearly two years, missed the best window on the market, it is worth it?

   Mao Zhong finds that all efforts and pay is worth it. "Side too to be a great business one, it is necessary to spend more to make people feel happy and have a competitive product, which requires us to have a more scientific and technological innovation hardcore." 8 years of research, regardless of the cost for investment water purification technology through "no mans land" escort, that is too radical innovation reinforce the party for enterprises in the new era of innovation and expansion of Blue Ocean.

   Although "hard" science and technology is not a gimmick, it is difficult to get rich quick, and often fall into that is no pilot, no rules to follow, no one "no mans land" dilemma followed; but Fangtai Jian letter, "technological innovation, only with good faith, stubborn, to all worlds, can bring real benefits to the millions of families, to make Fangtai Cheng is a great company."

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