Variability of fish into the river, dnk goes in the water wo

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  Variability of fish into the river, drink goes in the water would be so. . . terrible! Water purifier without late time: 2018-12-06 14:46:13 contaminated water can cause variation; when you see this variation of the fish, your heart is how to think it? You might say that this is in Japan Yeah, very far away from us, all right; that the following occurred in our country, the same fish is also mutated; domestic reading this you have any idea of 鈥嬧€媔t? Several generations of people are fishermen have not seen these variations fish; Like the video said the same, and now a large amount of fish deformities; Is not that our people are the same thing? Water pollution is a teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic consequences; now we incidence of cancer is constantly increasing, and fish is this not the same thing? A lot of people say that this is in the Huaihe River, not here with us, well be fine; but I can only say, you are wrong, youve heard the "diversion" project it? When you read this picture, you determine your homes water is no problem? The water is flowing, coupled with our man-made drainage, water has been all mixed together; in the rivers where the fish are beginning to appear and the time variation of the tumor; your stomach to drink water sooner or later attack; many say, we have detected water 106 standard, we can guarantee safety; CCTV data source MEP primer is now detected as many as 40,000 chemical, wherein determining toxic 3,000, the balance is also uncertainty; when the relative ratio of 100 and 3000, the size of the stand now, the crisis immediately surfaced; water purifier you really do not need it?

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