Water Pollution Control Act emphasize the safety of drinking

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  Water Pollution Control Act to emphasize the safety of drinking water: Tim net water purifier Views: 530 Published: 2016-12-29 10:23:26 Twelfth National Peoples Congress are grouped considered the "Water Pollution Control Act amendments submitted by the State Council case "(draft), the bill emphasizes the safety of drinking water protection. 姘存薄鏌撻槻娌绘硶寮鸿皟楗按瀹夊叏_瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒 "Water Pollution Control Act Amendments" (draft) Article 67 of the proposed drinking water supply specialized units to do the water intake and outlet of water quality testing. Some representatives believed that the main responsibility should also be further clarified water quality and safety of drinking water. National Peoples Congress Guo Jun: a good understanding of the concept of water intake, outlet where the outlet is a water plant or pipeline network of outlets we have been calling for regulation from the source to the tap, is the most difficult to control the pipe network,?? outlet is not clear, responsibility is not clear. For the safety of drinking water, the deputies called for "supervision from source to tap" and can be described as a little safe drinking water can not be careless! So, how much water pollution in the end you make it? Let us look at "news studio" 2015 CCTV had "water 10" reported: reports about: the proportion of Beijing, Tianjin and five higher than 34% of poor-quality water, drinking water pollution incidents have occurred, emergency water environment frequent incidents since 1995, the country 11000 from burst water environmental incidents! 1995 to 2015, just 20 years, the unexpected happened 11,000 water environment, from an annual average of up to 550, so large data, we really do not know how much suffering drinking water ! trauma World Health Organization survey: 80% of human diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water, 50% of the worlds children died from drinking contaminated water. 1.2 billion people from drinking contaminated water and suffering from various diseases, people died every day due to water, there are five million and more. my country also has 500 million people each year from drinking unhealthy water led to the disease and died. The consequences of such a serious water pollution problem at the source of what? Nature is generally divided into two types of pollution sources and anthropogenic sources, natural sources of pollution geochemical nature itself refers to the abnormal release of hazardous substances or cause harmful effects in the workplace. It refers to contamination by pollutants anthropogenic sources of human activities on the water caused. Anthropogenic sources include industrial pollution, agricultural pollution and domestic pollution sources.A jingle about water pollution changes. 50 years of water wash rice vegetables, irrigation water laundry 1960s, deterioration of water quality in the 1970s, 1980s peerless water fish, water diarrhea to cancer in the 1990s, diseases of the 20th century hit the water today water pollution has made the roundworm can survive, water - has become a human health invisible killer heavy metals in water a serious threat to our health, the official website of aging so that more and more do not trust tap water!. High-level water tank for long periods of cleaning drinking water cause yellowing black smelly. In todays increasingly high-life indicators Nowadays, we can use air purifiers to deal with the haze, but also need to deal with household water purifiers water pollution.

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