Victor House matchmaking round total space dreams for thgene

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   "tianzhou 1" was successfully launched in Hainan Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, the scene of the festive atmosphere suddenly be directed to the climax, people cheered simultaneous. Victor smart home as Chinas space industry partners, in the "tianzhou 1" Flying process because ordinary people involved, has also been given unusual significance.

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   person "tianzhou 1" launch site, the family of Victor Victor purification honor of being a witness to Chinas space industry, being written into the history of spaceflight, but also closer the distance between the spacecraft and the general public. If the former distance between the spacecraft and the general public television that the distance from the other end of the head, then the future will be more and more ordinary people because matchmaking Victor House and is expected to enter the launch site, close-up experience of a large country off pride and pride dream come true.

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   April 17, sponsored by a family of Victor interact with ordinary peoples "Hainan Wenchang launch site visit and experience the aerospace Tour" has finally entered the final end. Eventually, the three lucky winners from the terminal to become the direct beneficiaries of the activities of Victors home, ordinary people become the first "launch site in person to experience space trip".

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   Since 2016, Victor smart home has become Chinas space industry partners, Victor is committed to build a family can make ordinary people personally involved in the aerospace industry in the bridge. At the same time the "tianzhou 1" The successful launch of Chinas space industry partners, civil-military integration seminars are held as scheduled. After the achievements of company leaders were also invited to attend and participate in the exchange, plans to discuss civil-military integration, not only with space experts to discuss defense conversion technology, also joined the aerospace industry obtained, experience, and cooperation in the process of perception and future planning He proposed a unique perspective. Of course, all this has enough strength to bear this heavy responsibility based on the premise of Victor home. To this end, the company not only with the space industry established a good relationship of cooperation and mutual assistance, aerospace and repeatedly invited experts and institutions here to guide product development staff a deeper level of training in order to enhance product development capabilities.

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