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  No electricity, no water, fresh drinking straight TZ-B Author: Tim net water purification Views: 395 Published: 2017-6-19 10:22:27 Tim net water purifier Chinas new operations center Tim net water purifier packages designed to help dealers sell ideas combing Tim net water purifier products, as clerk to provide a more humane and reasonable package of clean water is recommended to increase the probability of turnover and turnover. Drinking Machine TZ-B in the course of water purification using FDA food grade material production, purely physical filter, retain beneficial minerals, no water, no electricity, space-saving installation, the composite disposable filter, more time long, to prevent secondary pollution. 涓嶇敤鐢碉紝鏃犲簾姘达紝椴滄椿鐩撮ギTZ-B

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