Virtuous cycle of water purification industry is to explore

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   Chinese water pollution accidents in recent years, every year since 1700, frequent water pollution accident, leading to growing consumer demand for fresh water. But todays water purifier market caught short survival status of "besieged" the. Such a status quo which in turn survive phenomenon is causing it? What impact? Faced with this dilemma survival, water purifier companies how to solve it?

   water purifier market is facing a "besieged" crisis of confidence frequently

   relevant data show that the current domestic production of water purification machines, the company has more than 3200. Where the formal production enterprises have more than 1200, no production and no ready licensing "black factory" was up to more than 2000. The number of "black factory" than informal enterprises, which can not appear in any of a healthy industry.



   in terms of price, because my country water purifier market is no uniform pricing standard, dealers will increase to 100% of the profits it is a common thing. Currently, the market in the sale of water purification equipment priced at nearly half of the more than 2,000 yuan, the price of a few thousand or even million water purifier is also very common in supermarkets and electronic business platform. Manufacturers mouth so-called beauty, anti-cancer and other "magic", so that water purifier prices ranging from 3,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan level; individual brand water purifier only ex-factory price less than 800 yuan, the price on the yuan dare ... ... market profiteering phenomenon leads consumers can not determine the actual value of the water purifier accurate, although the heart using a water purifier, but has been reluctant to start. Many service companies exist in name only, which made consumers cold heart, afraid to buy a water purifier.

   Whether black factory, or chaos on the price, or is Bluff on after-sales service, these phenomena continue destroying consumer confidence in the water purifier, water quality problems do not worry buy, buy but also worried about product quality and after-sales issues, over time, water purifiers consumers will fall into a "fear" of the situation, and ultimately simply choose not to buy.

   business models to lead a virtuous cycle of water purification industry

   At present, the brand consumption era has arrived, consumers are increasingly focusing on value-added products and quality, water purification industry to want sustainable development, the industry bigger and stronger, in order to solve this crisis of confidence, a water purifier enterprises should establish brand awareness, strict quality control, so that business models to lead a virtuous cycle of water purification industry, not the cityField chaos, urgent business, consumer fear.


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   there are always waves, some of the artisans with the spirit of the enterprise, such as spring dew, the United States, Patio, Angel, represented when filled with water purifiers top ten of the

   tide brand has start debating how to make Evergreen enterprises. Leading enterprises and growth will drive the train overhangs the entire industry steadily forward. Give leading enterprises, Professor Wang Zhansheng also gives his own expectations.

   "must be persistent, continuous improvement, continuous innovation to consumers as the fundamental starting point, efforts in terms of quality, brand, rather than just go on price. After so many years of development, water purifier gradually increase in value-added products, after the value-added gradually improved, enterprises have more energy and strength for technical innovation, quality assurance. this is a virtuous circle. Springs exposed to, the United States, Patio, Angel, net of the spring as the water purifiers top ten brands represented, as the industry benchmark for enterprise needs to drive the industry to embark on this virtuous cycle. in this way, the water purification industry is taking the benign quality brand competition of the road. "[123 ]

   in fact, a lot of water purifier manufacturers in the action frequently in the just-concluded Shanghai international Exhibition water, increasing the exhibition area, personalized design all clear to their big ambitions.

   a virtuous cycle of divergent thinking exquisite attention to marketing art of war

   and this virtuous cycle of reach, going to the water purifier business have divergent thinking to actively explore new water purifier model, net in marketing water is a business model can be formed.

   water purifier water purifier manufacturers have divergent thinking to explore a new model

   the moment, the Internet challenge ferocious strikes, while water purifier market is not yet mature in the pattern, for many water purifiers manufacturers, this is a challenge and an opportunity. Some companies began to try electric provider model to promote the development of enterprises, have engaged in exploring the road of transformation. Electricity supplier is only one of a certain kind of way, water purifier manufacturers in the moment divergent needs new thinking and open up new avenues to explore in order to suit their business model.

   to transform the water purification industry, the product must be upgraded with modern family needs and upgraded to meet the different needs of consumers.

   water purifier manufacturers and service will be successful transformation more binding. Business is not just a simple sellers, but through a one-stop pre-sale and after-salesService, increase customer stickiness, to seek long-term development. Comprehensive solution to worry about consumers buy water purifier.

   out of business or else by the times we must continue to inject fresh blood, listen more to the views of young people, can the courage to break its own new look.

   marketing plan marketing of water purifier Art of War Cheats

   Now more and more water purification agents engaged in marketing water purifier terminal, but how do we sell more of it? How to do is a better choice, consumers buy water purifier what the problem is most concerned about it? How can we seize the customers general mental resources.

   First, we look at business acumen and experience accumulated water purifier dealers, in fact, it is to sell to people in sales, product support and customer communication just negotiating weight. So to win customers depend on to communicate heart to heart.

   First sell water purifiers and other products, all marketing activities to please the communication between us and the customer, if there is no communication, how to obtain the trust it? How to draw closer and the customer, the customer is how you close it? And how about your customers do? From the other side say that the good relations the same goods, your customers and will sell well, we do business with are not selling a product but to sell their relationship to their own ideas, their beliefs about the future life, so we have reason to believe that your product just to sell products, is the third-rate sales are hard to sell good.


   If a salesman only product level to solve marketing problems, then it is very difficult to do, if the communication from the humanities, the angle of mutual trust who will win the trust of customers, so you will be in marketing approached further.

   on how to communicate with customers this point should also be strengthened to enhance their daily insight, combined with the customer saw and heard. Such well-informed so in order to do a better job marketing to pave the way.

   The third good salesman to sell ideas and culture, so do the top salesman salesman from three levels will take some distance, how to do marketing water purifier, depends on your marketing ideas and your cultural soul, the absence of this point it is difficult to seize the mental resources of consumers who, so naturally out of the victory or defeat.

   In short, the water purifier business want to regain the trust of consumers, they should strengthen their own brand building,Explore new development model, skilled use of marketing techniques, lifting consumer confidence crisis, consumers regain mental resources.

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