Why replace the water purifier filt- Thespnomena ll you why

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   HC Network as people focus on water purification of drinking water quality , water purification systems began to enter millions of households. Different devices in different water purification filter, the filter effect is different.

   Understanding filter

   PP fiber filter

   Function: melt-blown polypropylene microfiber filter element is made of a hot melt entangled fibers are randomly three-dimensional microstructure is formed in the space pore structure, a pore size gradient distribution along the flow of the filtrate, the surface current, depth, in one fine filter, impurities can be trapped different size, remove suspended solids in water, sediment, and rust. Filtration accuracy of 1渭m.

   Applications: ground / surface water used preliminary filter, the water purifier pre-filter, the first stage filter cartridge for water purification equipment.

   activated carbon filter

   Function: The main role of adsorption, the carbon particle surface area generally the stronger the greater adsorption, the higher the filtration accuracy, achieve better filtering effect. In water treatment may be used to remove chlorine, organics, color, smell and some heavy metal ions.

   Applications: Pre-activated carbon adsorption organics, chlorine, heavy metals, the activated carbon adjust the PH value to change the taste of water.

   KDF (copper, zinc alloy) filter

   Function: In an electrochemical redox (electron transfer) system to remove chlorine, heavy metals, and inhibit bacterial growth.

   Applications: for mixing with the activated carbon filter cartridge to increase the service life of activated carbon.

   resin filter

   Function: soften hard water by ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium ions.

   Applications: home softener, reverse osmosis pre-treatment.

   microfiltration (MF) - ceramic filter

   Function: ceramic filter by sintering natural diatomaceous earth, has numerous internal clearance holes, very high porosity of 80-90% , filter pore size of less than 0.2渭m. Filtered off and suspended solids, microorganisms, bacteria and rust.

   ultrafiltration membrane (the UF)

   Function: bacteria, and the bacteria is much greater than the volume of colloid, rust, suspended solids, sand, organic molecules and so can be cutoff ultrafiltration membrane, a third stage Usually water purifier. Filtration accuracy of 0.01渭m.

   nanofiltration (of NF)

   Function: nanofiltration membrane to allow some solvent molecules or low molecular weight solutes or a functional semipermeable membrane permeable to ions cheap. Due to the size of the retentate can be named nanometers approximately. Filtration precision of up to 0.001渭m.

   a reverse osmosis membrane (RO)

   Function: RO membrane pore size is five millionths of hair, bacteria, viruses, it is 5000 times, so that only part of the water molecule and mineral ions to pass through. Filtration accuracy of 0.0001渭m.

   when to replace the filter?

   described the water flow was significantly reduced filter clogging, the filter should be cleaned to restore normal flow, the flow rate is still small after washing, it is necessary to replace the new water filter cartridge; decrease water taste, taste and water close , can not remove the residual chlorine taste of tap water, saturated description has been adsorbed activated carbon filter, activated carbon failure. In general there are filter replacement cycle, but the specific filter replacement time depends on the water quality and the net amount of water used by the user varies.

   cartridge replacement cycle is how long?

   PP filter cartridge used to do a variety of household water purification equipment, mainly water and protective effect pretreatment by ultrafiltration (or RO) membrane. Easy to filter clogging, need frequent replacement, the replacement cycle is generally 3 to 6 months.

   Activated carbon filter can effectively remove chlorine, odor, color, etc., may also be effective absorption of some organic molecules in water, to change the taste of water, the replacement cycle is generally 3 to 6 months.

   Purifying ceramic filter and the activated carbon is similar to, but relatively good filtering effect, relatively long life. The filter cake hidden in the yarn, to be rinsed regularly with a brush, sandpaper. Replacement cycle is generally six months to a year.

   Ion-exchange resin filter can be ion exchanged with water calcium and magnesium cations and anions like sulfate, and deionized water softening achieved, typically six months replacement cycle.

   Reverse osmosis cartridge clean out of the water to drink, but the reverse osmosis membrane of small pore size,Easily clogged with impurities and useless, to extend the service life of the RO membranes, to be pp cotton, activated carbon filtration pretreatment, RO membranes are typically used in the fourth stage. In the replacement cycle is generally one to two years.

   Long life membrane filter, the filtered water can drink, water volume, without power, pressure, purify low cost, can be reused repeatedly washed. Replacement cycle is generally 10-12 months.

   After the master of different filter replacement cycle and features to better protect household water purification filters, extend the life of the water purifier.


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