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  Substandard toilet into a big water Author: Tim net water purification Views: 728 Time: 2016-4-15 9:50:09 涓嶅悎鏍奸┈妗舵垚鑰楁按澶ф埛 Shaanxi The agency announced in 2016 for the first time product quality supervision and inspection results, a total of 40 batches the toilet, the failure rate is 20%, the failure of which 8 batches of toilet include Rans, Tai Fu Long, blue whales and other brands. The toilet checks, indicators comprising water, water efficiency rating, limit water use efficiency, water technical safety requirements, the tank water level security issues. The results from the published point of view, the project failed in the most serious problem is water, unqualified eight batches toilet, there are seven involving substandard water problem. Toilet water is the main instrument of daily life, water consumption accounts for 50-60% of daily household water use, water consumption and labeling does not meet the actual water, water-saving toilet express the actual amount of water detected is greater than 6L 6L , resulting in waste and household water community water resources. Substandard water problem has arisen mainly because the producers did not strictly control the quality of products not tested water in the toilet factory, there is no choice of industry-standard tank fittings as an operation member. Water purifier Join Xiao Bian believes that with the growing consumer awareness of water conservation, water conservation focus on performance has become a new trend in the development of ceramic sanitary products. The new national standard relating to sanitary ware, the provision of water-saving toilet water consumption is lower than 5L, efficient water-saving toilet block single or double-speed large block of water not more than 4 liters. It should be saving for future strategic trends in home ware, contribute to saving our country. 鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊,鍑€姘村櫒鎷涘晢鍔犵洘

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