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   water purification agents choose which brand? With the maturity of the frequent occurrence of water pollution and water purification technology events, many brands have begun to emerge in technology, quality, brand and continue to break. Faced with this market environment, water purification agents choose which brand to win more space for development in the future?



   In recent years, Chinas water purification technology and brand influence continues to mature and develop, but a lot of water purifier and water purifier brand manufacturers still exist imperfections. Many think only water purifier manufacturers to sell their products even if the bin, there is no matter how kind of water purifier sales agents, but only requires water purification agents to join too many businesses purchase, which is a very irresponsible net water heater company, in fact, for the majority of water purification agents to join businesses are like a good a good job market, but because manufacturers choose improper follow-up services, training, policy support can not keep up.

   for water purification company, operating brands have a personality, to have ideas. It will be docking and product branding after the company put out. Things such as fresh water, plus intelligence sharing water purifiers, water purifiers 2019 pioneered the concept of intelligence, to overturn the traditional marketing model water purifier.

   Fresh water was added water purifier using a shared networked intelligent control APP, smart things together, and the water quality status by using real-time remote monitoring phone machine, with a remote switch, a key wash, filter monitoring, TDS-line monitoring, daily net amount of water and other advanced features. And realized product, service providers and users tripartite exchange of information; it uses one integrated waterway design, innovative structure, forming, reducing the use of joints, effectively channeling the water to avoid the traditional waterways, clogging water leakage.

   at the time of purchase, after-sales service is also very important, todays water purifier brand development mode or Join primarily, but after most of the brands are then hire supplier The second batch of recruit agents, and the agents did not support this one at the core, service is not perfect. If the after-sales service well, then upgrade to brand their products will have a significant role.

   to focus the worlds fresh water plus 7 billion people of drinking water safety, relying on high quality products, extensive product portfolio offers customersA full range of home drinking water solutions.

   plus fresh water purifier manufacturers to develop a work plan for a helping agency operations, personalized service, one on one training, explain in detail the water purification products to ensure that agents can more fast selling products, create greater value for agents.

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