Workshop filtered water dispenss choice depends on what asct

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   HC clean water network health inspection document. Whether domestic or imported water dispensers, are required to check whether there is issued by the Ministry of Health of Health this document, this document is within the validity period, the contents of this document and its annexes whether the material is fully consistent with the actual process of water purification products. For claiming to be imported into the customs inspection of goods but also off single commodity inspection and certification.

   See water purification process, function and water quality. Simple water dispensers often PP cotton + carbon, and some add some inexpensive user mineralization ball to flicker, which can reach the water quality standards of the Ministry of Health Specification water dispensers; hollow fiber membrane water dispensers water quality is slightly higher, but still its water quality standards in order to assess; there are higher nanofiltration straight drinking water quality, effluent quality to achieve "drinking water quality"; reverse osmosis membrane water dispensers water quality high, the water quality can meet the standard specifications the Ministry of health water dispensers.

   See the quality of the material used. Different materials of the same material and parts, prices vary greatly, as is all new plastic materials or recycled materials; charcoal is coconut shell charcoal, husk carbon cheap coal or charcoal; stainless steel is 316L, 304 or 302? Quality and performance of the material not only determines the quality and performance of straight drinking fountains, to some extent also determines the service life and the merits of straight drinking fountains or parts water quality.

   See manufacturing, assembly process and appearance. Regular production of drinking fountains and beautiful form, fit rigorous, the appearance of bright color, smooth surface feel; and small workshops of product appearance and color gray, rough surface, corrosion, cracking, loose fitting, and even leaking.

   to see the factory and product brands. Factory to formal, professional, has a certain scale, the production have strict quality assurance system, have the necessary plant, production and testing equipment, strong technical force and good production environment, it is best to own all or the vast majority of production some parts, product quality testing and stand the test of time, to get users. Most small business straight drinking fountains, plant and poorly equipped, no technology, just buy a variety of parts for assembly, assembly plant and some even do not, go to other factory stickersCard production, quality control and can not guarantee. So try to buy the regular production of famous brand products.


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