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  Without water and then to the water poisoned fish, water plants water is safe to drink it Author: Tim net water purification Views: 624 Published: 2016-8-29 11:24:31 Tim net water purifiers household water purification machines have citizens have expressed a few days ago without water, about seven oclock in the afternoon and tap water, but out of the water like the color of the same medicine, but I thought, wait a minute like the results to the night the water is really clean, you goldfish to change the water, change the water, put the charge on the oxygen, the result of all the goldfish died the next morning. No charge oxygen before time, goldfish are good. The results for a night on the water a dead end. What is this water which in the end? How will people eat? A long time with no problem? In this regard, the reporters inquiry found that people live in an area should Kenlap Water Co. to supply Yongchuan District. After verification of the companys reply: In accordance with national drinking water standards, water pipe network water contains a certain amount of chlorine, a disinfectant residual chlorine content standards as tap water: water factory is not less than 0.30mg / L and water pipe network less than 0.05mg / L qualified water; mainly used for water disinfection, it will not have any effect on the human body, but can not be directly used for feeding delicate, sensitive goldfish. It recommended that tap into the first container stored for more than 48 hours before use chlorine to be cleared of water.

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